Rearview Mirror


We’d like to take a moment to share our 2016 achievements with you, and thank you for your involvement in making it all happen.

Adelante Mailing and Fulfillment Center processed well over two million items, some of which were distributed around the globe, while providing employment for 94 people with disabilities.

Adelante Document Imaging set a new annual record by scanning 9,710,225 documents. This affirmative business now offers steady work for 38 people with disabilities who prep and scan documents. Our goal is to hit a full 10 million documents in 2017.

Adelante Document Destruction Services securely shredded and recycled over three million pounds of paper, providing steady work for 63 people with disabilities, and helping that paper turn into paper towels and new copy paper, and not end up in landfills.

Desert Harvest Food Rescue rescued over one-and-a-half million pounds of food from 82 donors, such as local restaurants and grocers. The program provides volunteer opportunities for people with disabilities and the food benefits 15 organizations, mostly shelters and food pantries, feeding countless hungry families.

Bargain Square thrift store processed over 1.3 million donations during 2016—a whopping 1,311,445 items like clothing, furniture, and housewares that provided jobs in the community for nearly 40 people with disabilities.

Adelante’s Senior Meals program in Doña Ana County provided 48,454 communal meals, and 37,299 home-delivered meals, totaling 85,753 meals to seniors across several cities, towns, and rural areas in southern New Mexico. Adelante’s transportation service provided 11,291 rides to appointments and errands for seniors. These two programs are serving more than 675 seniors in Doña Ana County.

Adelante’s call center operations ran smoothly this year. Benefits Connection Center topped their applications goal from last year, helping people file over 625 governmental benefits applications. The Wellness Referral Center, in which Adelante partners with Presbyterian, signed up new doctors and helped people with chronic diseases connect to thousands of classes and activities.

Adelante believes strongly in community service and inclusion, and people with disabilities in Adelante’s day programs contributed 10,661.5 volunteer hours to organizations like Desert Harvest Food Rescue, Meals on Wheels, and The Storehouse.

These goals would not be possible without the incredible people we support, our outstanding staff members, our generous donors, and the community partners we are blessed to have at Adelante. Thank you for helping make our mission and these achievements possible.