Adelante Participants Combat Hunger Through Desert Harvest

Adelante's program participants collaborate with local businesses to rescue surplus food. Food waste is a big problem. The USDA estimates that 30-40% of food is wasted. We think that’s especially a shame in New Mexico where almost 18% of families are food insecure,...

Adelante Associate Discovers Her Purpose as a Self-Advocate

What makes a person successful? Many leadership experts say passion drives one’s success in work and life. When meeting Jessica, who works at Adelante Document Imaging, it’s easy to see she’s passionate about what she does. Jessica previously held other jobs, but they...

Project SEARCH Interns Celebrate Graduation

It is graduation season and many high school and college graduates are on the job hunt. In turn, Adelante is helping the graduates of Presbyterian Rust Medical Center’s Project SEARCH internship program to find competitive employment in our community. Project SEARCH...

Weigh in on employment options by Friday June 21!

If you’re a self-advocate, family member, or someone who cares about keeping a full range of employment options for people with disabilities, it’s important to voice your choice. The federal government, specifically the Office of Disability Employment has asked for public feedback on jobs and offered several ways to make it easy to provide input.