Adelante trains staff members working in support of people with disabilities all over New Mexico, providing certifications, refresher classes, state-required coursework, and a variety of in-depth trainings.

We adhere to high standards for our staff and everyone we train. In fact, we have been recognized by the State of New Mexico as an “exemplary” training program, with the highest staff training compliance rating and we have been awarded a training contract from the Department of Developmental Disability Supports Division to provide “Train-the-Trainer” and trainer mentorship programs throughout central and northern New Mexico.

Training & Organizational Learning

Staff Training

The Adelante’s training tam offers more than 200 classes internally on topics ranging from person-centered planning to sign language. Approximately 250 direct-support staff members complete an average of eight classes each, and new employees average 80 hours of training during their first year with our organization. Full-time trainers in addition to faculty trainers, who are experienced staff members, teach our classes. Classes are active and participant-centered, focusing on ways in which people can use the information on the job. 

Training Sessions Statewide

To make training more convenient, Adelante provides training sessions across New Mexico. As a community resource, our classes are open to other nonprofits that offer support services for people with disabilities. As part of that effort, we post our trainings and handle enrollments through

Members of the public who need training, such as CPR, can also enroll.  

On the Job Training & Mentorships Through DiverseIT

Mentorships and trainees are part of DiverseIT. People gain real-world experience, which helps our interns become more likely to find success in securing good paying IT jobs in the community. Learn more

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