Adelante’s newest day program, Adventures, started in late summer of 2021 as the State of New Mexico allowed organizations to re-open more services for people with disabilities. Adelante has always valued client choice and this program is built around that concept. Adelante provides the starting site, supplies, and a support team. The Adventures clients give their ideas about what they would like to do and learn about. It’s called Adventures because life is an adventure when you keep learning and trying new things.

So far, the clients taking part in Adventures are really enjoying their time. Some of the activities take part onsite. For example, Adventures offers activities like games, computers, and cooking. Other activities take place out in the community. For safety, we are mostly visiting places with outdoor spaces. This includes strolling along the Pino hiking trail in the Sandia foothills, observing wildlife at the Bachechi Open Space along the Rio Grande, or playing basketball at Mariposa Basin park. Tingley Beach is one of the clients’ favorite sites. They enjoy walking around the bosque and feeding the ducks.

Art is Still a Great Adventure

Three clients pose with their snowball ornaments.
Adventures clients love expressing themselves through art!

Art is still a big part of Adelante’s day programs. That is true at Adelante Adventures, too. Not only does art allow for individual expression, it improves fine and large motor skills, and promotes self-esteem. In addition, art helps people improve their problem-solving skills. Finally, collaborative art projects help each person see their role as part of a bigger project and the value of teamwork.

Performing arts are also included in the mix. Activities such as plays or fashion shows help people with disabilities feel more comfortable speaking up for themselves and expressing their wishes. Of course, these are also great avenues for self-expression in general. And sometimes the purpose is just fun! The karaoke machine is always the source of a good time.

The art experience goes far beyond Adelante’s walls, too. Clients can learn more about art and explore the world through virtual tours. Adventures clients are virtually visiting museums, galleries, aquariums, famous landscapes, and other countries. This provides plenty of inspiration for art and travel.

Adventures clients bake muffins together, learning to follow steps, measure and more.

Culinary Adventures

Our Adventures clients are also cooking and baking as part of this day program. Reading recipes helps people to follow steps and instructions. Measuring ingredients is a way to boost math proficiencies. Naturally, food safety and kitchen cleanliness are part of the work, too. 

All in all, teaching people with disabilities cooking skills is valuable in many different ways. People with disabilities can use these skills to find jobs in food service, save money by cooking at home, or just to have a social hobby. Who doesn’t like to have friends over to eat?

Additionally, cooking and baking can help people expand their horizons. For example, clients can try different flavors or learn about other cultures through food. Cooking can also teach people about nutrition.

In every activity, there is the satisfaction of choosing for yourself what you want to do. Not to mention the boost of self-esteem everyone gets from trying and learning something new.

New Adventures Coming Soon!

The Albuquerque Adventures program has been such a success, Adelante is expanding this program to Belen. The Valencia County Adventures program will be opening in mid-March 2022.

Are you interested in this day program? Call Mary Hemstreet at (505)341-7184 to get more information.