Adelante Board Member David B. Martinez
David Martinez

Adelante is a diverse nonprofit with a wide range of services. Additionally, Adelante is always looking ahead to the future and ways we can help New Mexico move forward. As a result, the organization needs board members who have knowledge and skills to share with Adelante. Whether that involves current services Adelante offers or the areas in which the nonprofit wants to grow, the board is a helpful resource. To assist, the Adelante Board of Directors has elected a few new board members in recent months. Please join us in welcoming David Martinez, Erin Scott Adams, and Andres Garcia to Adelante.

Board Member David Martinez

David Martinez is in his 40th year of practicing law. Currently, he is the President and managing shareholder of Martinez, Hart, Sanchez & Romero, PC, a personal injury law firm. David is a graduate of UNM School of Law and Albuquerque Academy, so he knows New Mexico well. Furthermore, he graduated from University of Notre Dame Business School and brings a broader world view to our organization, in addition to business knowledge. David has previous board experience, too. He has served on the boards of several educational institutions including UNM Law School.

Erin Scott Adams

Welcome Erin Scott Adams

Erin is a Software Engineer for Trek Bicycle, and an advocate for accessibility and diversity in tech. With Adelante’s recent work involving training people with disabilities in the IT field, Erin’s skills are invaluable. Of course, with an organization that operates across New Mexico and even has a national footprint in some areas, technology has become ever more important to our work. It is appreciated to have software understanding and a tech perspective on the board at Adelante.

Outside of work, Erin leads a female-focused tech education initiative called Rubber Ducks NM. Over 60% of Adelante staff are women, so it is great to have a board member focused on empowering and educating women in our community. Of course, Erin brings both education and business credentials to Adelante’s board. She is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin, and the CNM Ingenuity Deep Dive Coding Bootcamp.



Adelante Board Member Andres Garcia
Andres Garcia


Board Member Andres Garcia

Andres Garcia is Head of Commercial Banking for New Mexico Bank & Trust. Obviously, every nonprofit needs guidance on money matters so bankers are a natural fit on the Board of Directors. These skillsets are often helpful with the budgeting process, financial review, and making sure Adelante is making sound investments and financing decisions.

Andres has more than 15 years of experience in the areas of business and commercial banking, treasury management, and credit. He earned a bachelor’s degree in Finance and Political Science from New Mexico Highlands University. As a community-minded professional, Andres serves on several nonprofit boards.

Continuing Board Members & Officers

This new trio of board members is joining a trusted and helpful group of local professionals who already serve on Adelante’s Board of Directors.

First, our Board Chair is Ryan Baca of Presbyterian Healthcare Services, who brings not only healthcare, patient experience, and business leadership skills to the board, but also decades of family involvement in disability advocacy. Second, our Vice Chair is Melissa Banik of Presbyterian Health Plan. Melissa brings a broad understanding of governmental programs such as Medicare, as well as leadership acumen. Third, our Board Treasurer is Mike Lowrimore of Bank of the West. As one of the longest serving members on Adelante’s board, Mike is known for his in-depth review of the financials. He also has seen Adelante through a lot of growth, change, and challenges. Fourth, Merritt Hamilton Allen, owner of Vox Optima is the Board Secretary. Merritt is a public relations pro who also has an abundance of experience with government contracting.

Adelante is also fortunate to have several board members who are continuing to serve. They include: geriatric physician Dr. Heather Brislen, retired teacher (from Belen Public Schools) Lisa Chavez, retired lawyer William Gralow, fundraising consultant Pam Hurd-Knief, a special director in the Office of Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham Kathyleen Kunkel, retired teacher and client parent Molly Madden, MiVia consultant and retiree of the New Mexico Department of Health Patricia Maguire, Pam Sullivan a retiree of Northrop Grumman, and Bob Walton a retiree of Albuquerque Economic Development. 

To sum up, Adelante’s work on behalf of people with disabilities, seniors, and disadvantaged populations is enriched by the involvement of experienced local leaders. The internal leadership teams of Adelante appreciate the Board of Directors and their service.