What makes a person successful? Many leadership experts say passion drives one’s success in work and life.

When meeting Jessica, who works at Adelante Document Imaging, it’s easy to see she’s passionate about what she does. Jessica previously held other jobs, but they were not a good fit for her, so she decided to try working at Document Imaging, where she is treated, as she puts it, “with professional manners” and dignity. “I love that I don’t have to be rushed over [my work]. And I just love my job overall. I love how people are patient with me and that the staff treats me with respect.”

Jessica is sitting down, prepping a document by removing a staple with a staple removing tool.
Jessica works at Adelante Document Imaging, where she feels she is treated with respect and maintains an upbeat attitude.

Even with the typical ups and downs that come from working, Jessica maintains a positive attitude. “It’s important to like your job and to like the people that you work with. Even if they’re not your best people, you still need to treat them with respect.”

She knows her purpose and, as a self-advocate, is taking every opportunity she can to be a leader among her peers. Jessica encourages people to know what they want and need to live a successful life in their own terms, whether they are at work, home, or out in the community. Jessica enjoys empowering herself and those around her. “I speak up when I think something is not right or is not what I’m used to. I speak up for myself when I want something or I need something.”

Jessica is smiling for the camera. She is posing in front of the United States Capitol Building.
Jessica poses in front of the US Capitol Building before entering the US House of Representatives Office Building to advocate on behalf of herself, her coworkers, and businesses like Adelante’s Enterprises.

It was because of her positive outlook and her strong self-advocacy skills that Adelante invited her to travel to the 2017 national SourceAmerica self-advocacy conference in Washington, D.C. There Jessica met with members of Congress including Michelle Lujan-Grisham and Steve Pearce to advocate on behalf of herself, her coworkers, and businesses like Adelante’s enterprises. “I told them that I love my job and I will keep everybody safe at work. And if they need help then I can help them out.” “It was a wonderful trip,” she quickly and proudly exclaimed.

Jessica and Senator Martin Heinrich smile for the camera. They are standing in front of a map of New Mexico.
Jessica met with Senator Martin Heinrich in Washington, D.C. to advocate for herself, her coworkers, and businesses like Adelante’s Enterprises.

Not only did she advocate in Congress, but she also got to present to the conference attendees. She spoke about how to be an effective self-advocate, respect coworkers, and act professionally at work. “I got to be an advocate there, too. I got to speak up in front of a lot of people.” Speaking in front of a crowd of hundreds is an intimidating task for anyone, so this was a brave act on Jessica’s part. “I was nervous at first, but then I got used to it. It helped me to know that it was a big crowd, but I can do it.”

Finally, Jessica celebrated by trying new foods—something she enjoys—and walking with her friends and family all over the nation’s capital, including the memorial of perhaps one of America’s best self-advocates: Abraham Lincoln.

For those aspiring to self-advocate, or may not be completely sure of their life’s purpose, Jessica provides some sound advice:

“I like to tell other people ‘you are just as important as other people, so be successful at what you do.’”

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