One of Compadres' clients enjoying the sun by a tree in their garden.

One of Compadres’ clients pictured by a tree in the garden. The garden at Compadres Senior Center is a great, relaxing place for the clients to enjoy the outdoors.

Celebrated worldwide, Earth Day is an annual event held in April that invites everyone to demonstrate support for environmental health and sustainability. Adelante cares about the earth and shows that in a multitude of ways.

On Friday, April 20, clients and staff at Adelante’s Compadres Senior Center hosted an Earth Day celebration where they planted different types of flowers in vibrant pots which were then placed in the Compadre’s back garden. “It’s a place to look upon and to see the beauty all around us,” said Sarah Mascarenaz, program manager for Compadres. “It’s a space to unwind and it’s for everybody at any time of the day. It’s tranquil and it’s a nice place for calmness.” Gardening and outdoor space supports the health of seniors in this day program.

Adam Jones, a regular volunteer with Compadres, was also a part of the Earth Day activities. “This is awesome! It was obvious that the clients really loved it. We’ve been talking a lot about flowers here. I think it’s great to show that we can be hands-on with planting.”

Photo of flowers in a teal pot

Some of the flowers that were potted during Compadre’s Earth Day event

Adelante also celebrates Earth Day through the social enterprises — the businesses that provide services to the community and employ people with disabilities.

Adelante Document Destruction Services recycled 3.5 million pounds of paper in 2017, as part of this operation which shreds paper and destroys hard-drives. The shredded bales are shipped to paper mills where the paper is pulped and recycled into other paper products.

Another example of environmental sustainability is Adelante Back in Use, which recycles assistive devices such as wheelchairs, power scooters, hospital beds, and other items back into the community. Since 2010, over 4,000 pieces of durable medical equipment have been collected and given to New Mexico’s seniors and people with disabilities.

Additionally, Adelante DiverseIT is a program that recycles and refurbishes computers. These electronics are kept out of landfills, and the IT support and computers that the program provides are a low-cost option for local organizations and individuals.

Finally, Adelante’s Bargain Square Thrift Store in Los Lunas strives to process at least 4,000 donated items daily to get them onto the sales floor. Instead of items going to waste, other families buy them and use them, and support Adelante’s programs at the same time. Donations including clothing, furniture, shoes, books, toys, small electronics and other household items are appreciated.

When you donate or use these Adelante services, you are earth friendly, too! To learn more visit