Adelante’s DiverseIT and Comcast have worked together in recent years to address the digital divide in New Mexico. Thanks to funding from Comcast, DiverseIT has been able to provide valuable IT training to people too often left out of the IT field — people with disabilities, people of color, and women.

For several years, Comcast has been one of DiverseIT’s biggest supporters. Last September, Comcast awarded Adelante’s DiverseIT Computer Repair & Training Center a generous grant in support of Digital Inclusion. That grant provided funding to support the purchase of needed technology equipment. It also helped us cover some of our staff and operational costs, as well as outreach. The Computer Repair and Training Center offers remote digital learning opportunities, especially for people with little or no computer experience. They also repair computers. The DiverseIT Training Center is named after Comcast in thanks for their support of our programs.

Comcast reps stand by the Comcast Training Center door with their logo, prior to the pandemic.

Comcast Supports DiverseIT Efforts with Funding

In November of 2020, Comcast awarded Adelante’s DiverseIT program with another grant in support of Digital Literacy. The goal for that funding was for DiverseIT to provide training for 150 people during the year. To make that possible, it includes outreach to other nonprofits who may benefit. To date, we have reached out to and look forward to working with the Veterans Integration Center, AARP-NM, and other nonprofits whose clients could benefit from digital literacy training. We have also reached out Barrett Foundation, HopeWorks, and Encuentro.

Comcast Helps at a Critical Time

The need for technology skills, also referred to as digital literacy, has increased with the pandemic. Being able to connect online has become crucial. Furthermore, knowing how to navigate a computer is no longer optional, but a necessity in today’s environment. This is especially true because people are ordering food, handling medical appointments, and other essentials of daily life online.

Comcast has long been at the forefront of digital equity, and closing the digital divide. After all, many New Mexicans lack access or skills to work with technology. By working with Adelante and our DiverseIT team, they also address skills and homework gaps in under-served communities in New Mexico.

Comcast also recently announced a big investment in expanding speeds for Internet Essentials customers. Internet Essentials is a Comcast program aimed at low-income individuals and families. It provides high-speed internet access for only $9.95 month. This is a cost effective, valuable resource to our clients. Adelante is happy to partner with Comcast to spreading the word about Internet Essentials and the free training we are providing, too. Would you like to sign up? Find out more here.

Adelante & DiverseIT are Grateful for Comcast Support

Meta Hirschl, Adelante’s VP of Information Systems heads up the DiverseIT team. She had this to say about the support from Comcast. “Working with Comcast over the past few years has been extraordinary. With their support, DiverseIT has helped bridge the digital divide here in the Albuquerque area as well as Dona Ana county, with Cyber Security and Basic Computer Literacy classes. Comcast understands and supports this basic idea: given the opportunity, we are a nation of continuous learners, and DiverseIT supports inclusive learning for all levels, whether seniors, disabled or those out of work and need skills. When the pandemic hit a year ago, DiverseIT pivoted to a remote model, offering all classes online. Students showed up eager to learn and asking thoughtful questions. Thank you, Comcast, for your support.”

Learn more or sign up for free classes!

If you or someone you know would like to learn more about computers, consider taking one of the free courses offered thanks to this funding from Comcast. More information can be found at by clicking on training/computer classes. Sign up today!

If you would like to join Comcast in supporting our DiverseIT efforts, consider bringing your computer to us for repairs or upgrades. Or, give a donation today.

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