Adelante Document Imaging has been helping businesses move from paper to digital files for several years. Due to the pandemic and the numbers of people working remotely, the scanning business and electronic files are definitely in demand. After all, COVID’s challenges have required businesses to move to a digital environment and operate more efficiently. This includes going paperless or reducing the amount of paper a business uses. Also, letting people access files remotely. The expert team at Adelante Document Imaging can help your business do just that!

The Changing Office Environment and Benefits of Going Paperless

With a paperless system, employees can access files from wherever they are. Furthermore, businesses save money, and employees can spend time on more critical tasks rather than combing through files. “It’s a cost effective way for businesses to be going,” said Nancy Mullarky, manager at Adelante’s Document Imaging. Even before the pandemic, businesses were starting to understand the flexibility of a paperless system. To clarify, paperless systems allow access to crucial files if someone is home sick or cannot make it to the office. Now more people working from home are seeing the challenges of not having a paperless system.

Furthermore, businesses on average save $80 per employee when they go paperless versus not having a paperless system. “Industries in general are trying to go paperless; it’s more efficient,” said Nancy. “You don’t have to pay for storage space.”

Adelante Document Imaging Makes It Easy to Go Paperless

So what if you’re already adopting a paperless system? Perhaps your business has taken COVID as an opportunity to clean and organize old files? Adelante Document Imaging can help you, even if you had already taken steps to go paperless before COVID.

Nancy mentioned that taking old records and files paperless is a major challenge. “It was really easy to go ‘Okay, as of January 1st, we’re going to go paperless,’ and take care of your current records that way, but all those other old records are still sitting there in paper,” said Nancy. The problem is worsened by the fact that scanning in-house usually takes a dedicated employee many months. This is where Adelante comes in! “Something that can take a company months and months, and maybe a dedicated employee doing nothing but that, we can do in maybe a few months,” said Nancy.

The Adelante Document Imaging Team = Scanning Experts

Simply put, Adelante team members are experts at scanning. “We’ve done so much of it we do it well.” Just a few months ago, Adelante employees smashed a record by scanning over 1,000,000 papers in one month!

It may seem like scanning is straightforward, but there is a lot that goes into quality scans. Taking sticky notes off and scanning them separately, pulling out staples, folding out corners, repairing tears, trimming tattered edges—Adelante works hard to make sure that customers receive good clear images. In fact, taking these files apart and organizing them is the most time-consuming part of the process. And because the team at Adelante Document Imaging are experts, they can easily handle paper like thermal copy paper and old documents.

A group of Adelante Document Imaging employees holding up number signs. The signs read "1028156."
ADI employees recently smashed a record, scanning over 1,000,000 images in one month!

Quality, Secure, and Accessible Document Imaging

Additionally, when you work with Adelante, you get the best quality in the business. Adelante quality checks the process multiple times. Files are checked three times by three different employees after being prepped. And because we want to ensure you have proper scans, we hold your paper documents for 90 days at no cost. We then can securely shred them at our Document Shredding Services center located in the building.

For larger clients, Adelante even has a way to scan documents and move them to the client’s database. But right now, flash drives reign as the most popular method of document storage.

So what happens if you give Adelante all of your files and then you suddenly need one? Well we have a solution for that as well: scan on demand! For an extra cost, we can scan the file you need and get it to you quickly. We build this cost into your estimate on an as-needed basis.

Request a Quote From Adelante Document Imaging Today!

Wondering what it would cost your business to have us store and/or scan your documents? Overall, the costs and contracts are highly individualized. The best way to find out is to request a quote via the Adelante Document Imaging website or to contact the scanning team at (505)884-4702. “We ask a lot of questions up front,” said Nancy. Cost will vary on factors such as the type, age, and number of documents.

For more information, and to request a quote, please visit our website.

Remember, when you work with Adelante, you don’t just get quality service for a competitive price, you are supporting our mission on behalf of people with disabilities and seniors across New Mexico. Though the State of New Mexico closed our day programs and many of our work sites due to the pandemic, we are working hard to keep these opportunities open for the future. We are hopeful that people with disabilities will be returning back to work as we are able to make that happen safely and in compliance with all of the COVID health orders.