The goal of DiverseIT®, one of Adelante’s newer programs, is to improve diversity in tech. As part of that effort, DiverseIT offers training for people with disabilities, seniors, and people who have been traditionally excluded from tech. This year, that has meant teaching free computer classes for seniors at local senior and multigenerational centers. In addition, Adelante is co-hosting a senior tech fair with the City of Albuquerque’s Department of Senior Affairs and Teeniors on Friday, April 14, 2023, from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm at the Palo Duro Senior Center in Albuquerque.

2022 senior tech connect event

A Tech Fair Designed to Support Seniors

The senior tech fair is called the 50+ Senior Tech Connect and the goal is to provide a friendly, welcoming environment for older adults to learn about today’s technology. To make sure that finances are not a barrier, the event is free to attend and open to the public.

The event will include prizes, refreshments, and lots of opportunities for hands-on tech learning. Topics include smart phone use, how to stream movies/music, ride share services, computer care, how to use the online library services, and much more. Seniors will be encouraged to roam and learn about tech topics of their choice. Registration is not required for the tech fair. Seniors can just show up, learn, and have fun!

How the Senior Tech Fair Came to Be

The senior tech fair came about because the City of Albuquerque Department of Senior Affairs recognized that older adults too often lack access or training on how to use technology. Medical services, grocery shopping, and even transportation use tech skills today. As a result, it is important for seniors to learn how to use technology safely and effectively.

The City’s Senior Affairs team has been working with both Adelante DiverseIT and Teeniors to bridge this digital divide. Teeniors is providing one-on-one coaching at various sites. In addition, Adelante, specifically our DiverseIT team, is providing free computer classes at local senior and multi-generational centers. There are a wide variety of topics and a full list of free classes can be found on the DiverseIT website.

The 50+ Senior Tech Connect event is part of this collaborative work. “We created this event to help increase access to digital resources and improve overall quality of life among older adults by making sure they feel comfortable navigating the latest technology,” said Director of Senior Affairs Anna Sanchez. “We’re grateful to have so many wonderful community partners in helping us support Albuquerque seniors.”

The team at Senior Affairs as well as partners DiverseIT and Teeniors are looking forward to a welcoming, well-attended event for seniors to learn about multiple aspects of tech. For more information, seniors can call (505)888-8102.    

Sponsors & Vendors are Helping Make the 50+ Senior Tech Connect Possible

Comcast and Presbyterian Health Plan are both long-term supporters of Adelante. We are grateful that their generosity is extending to this event. Both of these major sponsors will have booths at the event. Comcast will be talking about free and low-cost internet services through the Affordable Connectivity Program. Presbyterian Health Plan will be sharing information about their services and telehealth options. The support of the community is greatly appreciated. Together, we are making the senior tech fair a reality.