Adelante volunteer Board Member and senior care provider, Dr. Heather Brislen, recently was recognized as a “Top Doc” by Albuquerque the Magazine. In fact, her image is on the front of the March 2023 issue. Dr. Heather Brislen, a geriatrician, has devoted her career to bettering the elder care community in Albuquerque. Dr. Brislen has also served as a volunteer on the Adelante Board of Directors for the past four years. She works closely with our staff to extend her professional goals of improving the care seniors receive. Adelante is happy to have her as a volunteer and our “Top Doc!”

"Top Doc" March 2023, Dr. Heather Brislen, Adelante volunteer recognized in Albuquerque the Magazine

“Being an advocate for seniors and better care is a big project for me!” Dr. Heather Brislen said, when asked why she started her private clinic in 2016. 

Dr. Heather Brislen

Recognizing an incredible volunteer

Dedication, a passion for our mission, and a willingness to give back are just a few of the qualities Adelante volunteer Board Member, Dr. Heather Brislen exhibits and it explains why she was recognized in Albuquerque the Magazine.

For example, Dr. Brislen asked to volunteer for Adelante and actively pursued a seat on the Board. She stated, “I wish more companies would embrace the Adelante model. It is a much better way to approach elder care and they are really setting the bar for our community.” 

Heather is an amazing advocate for the senior community! Her expertise in the geriatric field is an asset to the Albuquerque senior population. She is a kind, professional, brilliant advocate!

Reina Chavez, Adelante Vice President of Community Operations

Heather’s passion for Adelante is infectious and the way she describes the organization would make even the seasoned employee feel honored to work with such an incredible nonprofit. Dr. Brislen described her experience with Adelante from two perspectives. First, she is a family member of a former client who eventually found gainful employment at Adelante. Second, Heather is a volunteer who works closely with our operations and caregiving teams to provide input on how to provide quality care and what new initiatives might benefit seniors.

"Top Doc" March 2023, Dr. Heather Brislen, Adelante volunteer recognized in Albuquerque the Magazine

Advice from our “Top Doc”

Heather explained, “Mental health and physical health are inseparable. Make time to rest when you need to, and take care of your whole self.” Volunteering is not only beneficial for an organization such as Adelante. It can help the volunteer feel fulfilled personally and professionally, as well. Dr. Brislen takes her own advice by keeping her life full and active!

Read more of Dr. Brislen’s article in Albuquerque the Magazine. Digital copies of the issue are available on their website.

Volunteering at Adelante

If you would like to volunteer to help at Adelante, our volunteer coordinator is definitely willing to learn what skills you’d like to share with the organization. Do keep in mind that, due to the nature of our work with vulnerable people, there are regulations and safety precautions we have to follow. For example, volunteers must go through a background check. Please visit our website for more information on Getting Involved at Adelante.