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Independent Living staff member Joann Rodriguez guides Jason Hrachovy through preparation of nutritious meals.

Adelante’s Independent Living program provides support to people with disabilities, helping them to live independently in the community, in their own houses or apartments.

Eight dedicated support staff work a combined 1,280 hours per month to provide 38 individuals with the encouragement and life skills necessary for maintaining a free and independent lifestyle.

Support staff members spend time with people both at home and in the community, guiding the way to self-advocacy, autonomy, and personal growth. Adelante’s staff assist, teach, and coach people through tasks such as preparing nutritious meals, making shopping lists and going shopping, money management, exercise regimens, routine cleaning and chores, and researching housing, to name a few.

People participating in Adelante’s Independent Living program take vacations, too. Adelante has assisted people with day trips, camping trips, and even attending NFL football games. Recently, three women in the program had a “staycation” at a local hotel. They enjoyed a weekend of going out to dinner, shopping, swimming, talking and laughing, and of course, planning their next weekend getaway.

Adelante’s Independent Living participants enjoy small successes on a daily basis, and really big ones from time to time. For instance, a woman who entered Adelante’s program five years ago as a quiet, shy, and reclusive person, has become more outgoing, sociable, and assertive with the encouragement and support of our staff.

Another success story involves a disabled man who lived with his father for many years. When his father passed away last year, moving the man to a supported-living facility was discussed, but Adelante felt he was up to the challenge of living independently. They worked diligently to transition him into a place of his own, which he has been maintaining for 17 months now with the help of our team.

Perhaps the most exciting success story is that a man in our Independent Living program, who has been successfully employed through Adelante’s Facilities Support Services, will be purchasing a condominium of his very own. Home ownership is a big responsibility and a major accomplishment, and Adelante is proud to have supported and encouraged him along the way to this huge success.

Adelante has supported several people who have been able to achieve the goal of home ownership over the years, but each time is special. The Independent Living team is proud of each person and their successes, both big and small, that are achieved. If you know of someone who would like to take part in Adelante’s Independent Living program, please contact Melinda Garcia at MGarcia@GoAdelante.org.