Creating smiles all around, Adelante’s Back in Use program donated 15 computer towers, 15 monitors, and 10 laptops to the Boys and Girls Club of Rio Rancho yesterday. The computers will help youth at the after-school program get ahead or catch up on their schoolwork, and play competitive games designed to boost science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) skills.

A multitude of learning-based programs are keeping the youth engaged in STEM and tech-lab activities, some of which allow the kids’ school teachers to track their progress—a valuable resource for the 77-89 young minds the club averages every day.

It was a special sort of homecoming for Jordan Robinson, Adelante’s Back in Use Program Supervisor, who was an active member of the Boys and Girls Club in his childhood. His experience in the club allowed him to excel in indoor and outdoor sports and games, and learn about nutrition, health, teamwork, and many other concepts with long-term benefits.

“To this day, the friends that I actually hang out with are still the ones I went to Boys and Girls Club with—not the ones I went to high school with, not the ones I went to college with,” Jordan says, adding, “my best friends are the ones from Boys and Girls Club.”



Ryan, Jordan, and Josh of Adelante’s Back in Use program set up workstations in the computer lab.