We have some more good news for 2020: this year Back in Use gave out 1,359 pieces of durable medical equipment (DME) thanks to the support of funders like New Mexico Mutual. This program is located at GiveABQ and gives away DME such as wheelchairs, shower chairs, and walkers for free. And for the last two years, New Mexico Mutual has generously supported us in this much-needed service for seniors and people with disabilities.

Back in Use Mission and How NM Mutual Helps

From talking with our visitors, we know that people often use assistive devices like walkers, wheelchairs, shower chairs, and hospital beds for just a few months. They then sit in storage because people don’t know where to donate them. That’s where Back in Use comes in!

For more than 10 years, Back in Use has been providing New Mexicans with durable medical equipment free of charge. People donate their gently used equipment, we clean and sanitize it, and then give it to someone who needs it. In turn, Back in Use not only greatly values, but relies on the generous support from local businesses like New Mexico Mutual. To point out, New Mexico Mutual’s wonderful support helps us underwrite operating costs. This means we can keep giving people the equipment they need for free.

NM Mutual Representative Claudia Sanchez gave some kind words about Back in Use: “the work of Adelante’s Back in Use program is very well aligned with New Mexico Mutual’s commitment to giving back and serving community. Back in Use helps people get the equipment they need to live more independently as part of community, an initiative we truly support and embrace.”

New Mexico Mutual has been serving local New Mexico businesses since 1991. At this time, the company is focusing on helping policyholders weather the effects of COVID-19 in New Mexico. They are therefore adjusting premiums, offering coronavirus safety assistance, and providing other services. We cannot thank them enough for assisting Adelante’s programs, as well.

Please Consider Donating to Back in Use

Do you have some durable medical equipment sitting around, and would like to put it to good use? Please consider donating and visit our website to learn more. We are currently taking donations by appointment only, and equipment must be in good working order overall. Thank you!