Ruby builds a table for her Kivitz grant project.
Anthony and Daniela from GiveABQ build a kitchen table that was funded by the Kivitz grant.

A kitchen table makes a new house a home. That simple concept is the idea behind Ruby Saucedo’s Kivitz Innovation Fund grant. Through this funding, lots of families who had experienced homelessness got new kitchen tables and Ruby learned to lead a project.

Building Kitchen Tables & Building Teamwork

Adelante’s Kivitz Innovation Fund grants provide a leadership opportunity for staff and clients. They also encourage development of new and engaging projects that will better the lives of clients and/or address a problem in the community. Ruby works at GiveABQ, an Adelante program that provides furnishings to people affected by homelessness. In her work she realized there were never enough kitchen tables for families in need. So, Ruby decided to do something about it.

When people are recovering from homelessness, it is an overwhelming task to furnish a new home on a low income. While GiveABQ does it’s best to provide sofas, dressers, and other functional furniture, the program relies on donations. Kitchen tables are rarely donated. As a result, Ruby applied for a grant through the Mike Kivitz Legacy Innovation Fund, and was awarded $1500 to buy tables.

Additionally, the Kivitz grants are designed to teach the awardees how to not only manage a budget, but lead a team effort. Ruby said, “The GiveABQ team working to build tables has been such a great experience. We’ve been able to work together to create something amazing. It is rewarding to see the finished product and know that it will be put to good use. I am so grateful to have such a supportive team!”

Mellia picked a beautiful kitchen table from GiveABQ for her new apartment.
This GiveABQ visitor picked out a beautiful kitchen table to match her furniture provided by GiveABQ. The program had the table thanks to the Kivitz Innovation Fund grant.

Kitchen Tables Make a Home

The kitchen table is one of the most important pieces of furniture in a new home. First, it provides a practical place for families to share meals together. Second, children can do their homework in a comfortable and productive environment. Third, families can invite friends and family and feel more confident in a furnished home. To Ruby, and so many of GiveABQ clients, the kitchen table truly is the center of the home. Ruby said, “Whether you are starting your day off or ending your day, it gives families a place to share their time together.”

Several nonprofit organizations were able to refer clients to GiveABQ for tables through this grant. Those included Crossroads for Women, All Faiths, and Heading Home, to name a few. For example, a client from All Faiths was specifically looking for a kitchen table. Her goal was to be able to share meals with her children and provide a comfortable place for them to do homework. Ruby was thrilled to send her home with a table provided through the grant.

Another client, brought by Susan’s Legacy, also got a table for her new place. She and her son were displaced after a vehicle crashed through their apartment building. She was so thankful to have her apartment feel like home again.

How can I help?

Ruby’s grant provided nine tables to local families, but there is more work to do. Do you have any tables or furniture in good shape that needs a new home? GiveABQ appreciates donations and will pass them on to people in need, working with nearly 100 local nonprofits.

GiveABQ can pickup donations in the Albuquerque city limits for fee of $25, which helps make the program more sustainable. Schedule donation pickups through the website at If you’d rather drop off your donations, please call (505)341-4483 to schedule an appointment. We have a small team and they are often out doing pickups or deliveries, or helping people select furniture.

The program also greatly appreciates financial gifts. Give today on Adelante’s donate page and, in the notes section, be sure to specify your gift is for GiveABQ. Thank you!

A GiveABQ client selected a kitchen table thanks to the Kivitz Innovation Fund grant.
This woman was happy to get a dining table where her children eat and also do homework.