Caregiving Jobs at Adelante

If you are interested in rewarding work that will make your heart happy, apply for a caregiving job at Adelante. We have a variety of opportunities, whether you’re new to the field or an experienced caregiver. No experience is required. We will train you!

Adelante caregivers:

  • Provide important in-home care to people with disabilities and seniors.
  • Engage clients in fun and fulfilling activities such as games, arts and crafts, and exercise.
  • Take clients on outings in their neighborhood or community.
  • Assist clients as they learn and grow new skills.
  • Help clients achieve success in their jobs.
  • Laugh and smile a lot!

We offer a competitive package of benefits and a variety of shifts are available.  Learn more and apply for a caregiving job today!

Caregiver and Client at Adelante

Types of Care Jobs

In Home Caregivers

In this job, you’ll provide the crucial support clients with disabilities need to live life to the fullest.  You’ll help clients in their day-to-day lives as they get up in the morning, share meals, and enjoy a variety of activities. In Adelante’s Community Living Homes, caregivers fix meals, help with laundry, and plan outings in the community. This is a great job for people love to be active in their work, enjoy working with small teams, and who like making a house feel like home.

Job titles: Direct Care Staff and Independent Living Support Staff





In Home Care at Adelante

Senior Care

Be the helping hands for seniors in either our assisted living homes or in our senior day program. You’ll help our elderly clients stay active, mobile, and as independent as possible. You’ll also help enrich peoples’ days with games, meals and snacks, arts and crafts, and socializing. We usually do outings in the community, and will return more to those efforts after the risk of the pandemic has passed.

Job titles: Senior Assisted Living Staff and Community Support Staff

Seniors with Caregiver

Community Care Giver

These caregivers are experts in creating special experiences for our clients, either at Adelante sites or out and about visiting museums, cultural sites, sporting activities, and more. Depending on the job site, you might help clients create original pieces of art, explore the history of holidays or cultural activities, put on plays and performances, work with puppies, or visit the library to pick out books. The activities are based on the nature of the program and client interests, but we appreciate staff who bring their own creativity and skills to the job. Your job is to interact with the clients and your coworkers to create a place where clients get to grow their interests, learn new things, and have a good time.

Job title: Community Support Staff

Caregiver with Client on Outing

Job Support

If you are good at mentoring and coaching, this rewarding career is for you. Our job support staff, including job developers or job coaches, work with local employers to connect people with disabilities to employment. It’s important, because less than 20% of people with developmental disabilities are part of the workforce and Adelante is trying to improve those numbers so our world is more inclusive. You will help people discover their skills and develop new ones. You’ll also provide one-on-one support for clients at their workplaces all over town. You’ll get to see just how great it feels when your client gets his or her first paycheck for a job well done. A high five and big smile often go with it.

Job titles: Job Coach and Job Developer


Staff Helping Client at His Job