This year the Social Security Administration is celebrating 50 years of administering the Supplemental Security Income program (SSI). The goal of SSI is to help aged, blind, and individuals with disabilities with very limited income and resources. During the past 50 years, with the help of SSI, many people have become financially empowered to live their lives more independently and with more opportunities.

Recognizing a Need

In 1972, President Nixon signed legislation creating the federal SSI program. The first monthly payments the Social Security administration issued went out in January 1974. Today, SSI and SSDI programs remain a lifeline, providing cash assistance to over seven million people who have limited income and resources, this includes nearly one million low-income children with disabilities.

SSI has been instrumental in reducing the number of people living in extreme poverty in our country. 

Social Security Administration

How Can Adelante Help SSDI Recipients

Adelante is helping individuals receiving SSI/SSDI disability benefits to return to work through the Ticket to Work program. Adelante is an employment network of the Ticket, which means individuals on SSDI can work with us to explore work opportunities. This service is free to individuals who are exploring returning to workforce, and Adelante can work with anyone across the United States.

Ticket to Work provides free assistance to people who want to work, reduce their reliance on disability benefits, and make more money to enhance their quality of life.

Learn more about this program on our website or by contacting us: 505.341.7131 or

What is the difference between Social Security and SSI?

Social Security benefits may be paid to you if you are “insured,” meaning you worked long enough and paid Social Security taxes. SSI and SSDI benefits are not based on prior work.

What does SSI do?

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) provides monthly payments to people with disabilities and older adults who have few financial resources. If you get SSI, you can usually get federal benefits such as SNAP and Medicaid. SNAP helps pay for food and Medicaid helps pay doctor and hospital bills. Help from these programs won’t affect your SSI payment. Learn more about the process and what qualifies as a disability. If you do not qualify for SSI or SSDI, you may still be eligible for some of these other federal safety net programs. In fact, Adelante operates a Benefits Connection Center to help people determine what federal benefits they are eligible to receive. It is a free service for people with disabilities and seniors across New Mexico. Learn more about this service at

Moving Forward

Adelante is thankful programs like SSI/SSDI exist and the ways nonprofits can work alongside these federal programs. Together, we can improve the lives of people with disabilities.