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Here is a student of the Cyber Security one hour senior class:

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Public Training

Digital Safety & Security

DiverseIT offers public classes to learn more about how to safely and effectively use computers.

We have full schedule of classes you can take as a group. You can also sign up for one-on-one training if that suits your style of learning.

Power Hour: Noon – 1 pm

Every Wednesday you can work with others to learn the basics of computer literacy. We will cover how to stay safe when online, what is malware and how to find the answers to any question you have! Join us. Sign up here. Classes begin July 17

Weekly classes, 10 – 11:30 am

Sign up for 4 weekly classes to cover…you will work as a group and individually on specific topics….

Four classes are $100.

Private classes, one hour

Perhaps you have specific questions and prefer one-on-one training. Sign up here…Cost $50/hr.

Request Classes

Perhaps you have specific questions and prefer one-on-one training. Sign up here…Cost $50/hr.

Classes for our workplace

Perhaps you have specific questions and prefer one-on-one training. Sign up here…Cost $50/hr.


Pipeline Tech Training

A career in technology

DiverseIT trains those individuals who are interested making technology a career.

Available Now: Certification Training:

Salesforce Economy

Salesforce Administrator Certification

Adelante DiverseIT offers two cohorts for training to earn the Salesforce Admin Certification. We estimate this will take 4 months, working a project based learning module.   4 days a week 5 hours a day for 4 months, Monday through Thursday. Apply Diverseit training application


  • Basic Web development training (online is fine, e.g. FreeCodeCamp.org)
  • Curiosity and tenacity
  • Discipline to stay on task, show up on time and be ready to learn

Two 4-Month Cohorts:

  • October 2019 – January 2020

Cost for Training = $11,760

Financial Assistance

TechHire NM logoFor candidates between 17 and 29 years of age, financial assistance may be available through the TechHire New Mexico grant program. To determine if you are eligible for the grant program, you must attend one of the TechHire New Mexico orientations. Orientations are every Monday (except holidays) from 9:00 to 10:00 AM at the New Mexico Workforce Connection, 501 Mountain Road NE in Albuquerque (Mountain and Broadway). If you have any questions, or if you are unable to attend a mandatory orientation, please call Nick at 505.843.1973,Ashley at 505.843.1960, or Julie at 505.843.1949.  https://techhirenm.com/

More Pipeline Tech Training

Here are the track choices:

  • Computer Repair
  • Hardware Refurbisher
  • WordPress Website Developer
  • Salesforce Admin

DiverseIT trains those individuals who are interested making technology a career.

Technology training is fundamental for sustainable and expanding jobs. However, many groups have been excluded from these exciting jobs especially those with disabilities.

DiverseIT is a program designed to address the digital divide and the exclusion of groups from technology with multiple strategies, including group training, project-based learning, individual mentoring, and online training in an professional environment.

DiverseIT Technology Training is individualized based on individual needs.

The process:


  • Applicant completes online application
  • Applicant completes aptitude exam and interview at DiverseIT location
  • Applicant reviews assessment results with DiverseIT team

Create Plan

  • Based on the assessment, a plan is created for the applicant for the appropriate track and length of time, usually 6 months full time at 30 hours per week. Weekly and monthly goals are established.
  • Each week the Trainee completes a narrative of progress on goals and trainer reviews progress and gives feedback.

*There is no charge for the assessment

All individuals participate in the first three tracks:

Computer Basic Review

  • Hardware
  • Software, system and application
  • Security
  • Web basics

Professional Development

  • Effective communication training
  • Staying positive in the workplace
  • Excellent customer care
  • Professional emailing
  • Mastering the meetings

Video Collaboration Skills

  • Use of specific technology, Zoom
  • Shared screen collaboration
  • Etiquette and productivity

After the basics are established the individual can choose which tech track they would like to pursue. It is possible to do an introduction on one track and move to another track. For more information email or call.

    Scholarships for Public Training

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    Help us close the digital divide!

    Your involvement is critical to our success. We appreciate your help.

    See our work in progress!

    We are opening a storefront to help train people in different aspects of computing — developing software, working on customer relationship management software, administrating databases, and repairing hardware. 

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    Ernest Rodriguez-Naaz