Hunger Initiatives

Hunger is a huge issue in New Mexico. One in four children in our state are going hungry and we rank among the worst for adult hunger, too. As an organization working to improve our community, Adelante has been fighting hunger for many years through our food rescue program, Desert Harvest, and providing Senior Meals in Doña Ana county.

In 2014, Adelante also began to manage the operation of Storehouse New Mexico, the largest food pantry in New Mexico. 


Hunger Initiatives

Storehouse New Mexico

Storehouse New Mexico is the state’s largest food pantry. It became a nonprofit in 1976 to help fight hunger and food insecurity, regardless of race, faith, age, gender or disability. Storehouse New Mexico feeds about 50,000 people a year through a fixed pantry location and a variety of mobile pantry locations. 

Desert Harvest

Desert Harvest began in 2001 to alleviate hunger in central New Mexico and to provide volunteer opportunities for people with disabilities. Today, we rescue over 1.2 million meals a year.

Desert Harvest fights hunger in an incredibly cost-effective way, by making use of an existing but under-utilized food source: surplus food from restaurants, hotels, schools, and supermarkets. It reduces food waste and helps feed local people in need.

Senior Meals

Adelante operates the Senior Meal service through community centers in Dona Ana County in southern New Mexico.