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Desert Harvest provides food to nonprofits in central New Mexico who directly support people in need.


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Each Desert Harvest recipients must be a nonprofit human service organization that directly supports people in need. Some of our partners provide ongoing food to people experiencing homelessness or domestic violence, while others are local food pantries and kichens.

To enroll your nonprofit, please download, complete, and sign the Recipient Nonprofit Organization Agreement. Then, send us your completed agreement, your 501(c)(3) Determination Letter, and your organization’s mission statement.

For details on how to use Adobe fill & sign, please visit Adobe’s tutorial.

Next: Meet with our Coordinator

Adelante Desert Harvest wants to ensure the ongoing quality and success of our food rescue efforts. As a result, we meet with all potential recipient agencies before they receive food.

Once we have your agreement, mission, and proof of nonprofit status, we still need to make sure you know how to handle food safely. You’ll be asked to show us how you’ll handle transportation and storage of the food you can receive through Desert Harvest. You may also need to complete training in safe food handling. We like to see how the food will be stored and served and how much space you have to store prepared food.

Finally, we need to know what kinds of food will help you and your clients so Desert Harvest connects you to the right food donors. We will work together to find a good time to meet and discuss needs and requirements.  

Glenna Donnell, Volunteer and Community Outreach Coordinator
Desert Harvest Logo

Desert Harvest Logo

We are proud of the organizations that we work with, so we share our recipients and food donors on our website. We want our supporters to see that the food is going to people in need. Plus we want to publicly thank our donors for being a part of fighting hunger. Please share Desert Harvest’s logo on your website and link back to us, too.

Sharing your connection to Desert Harvest is required of all of our recipients.

Good communication is an ongoing part of our food rescue partnership.

Sometimes food donations are scheduled and regular. Other times, food is available after an event and must be picked up quickly. Recipient responsiveness to donor requests for a pickup is part of what you’re signing up for as a recipient agency. Each nonprofit picks up their own food, and we all must work together to pickup food promptly and verify that donations were handled.

In order to continue its misison, Adelante Desert Harvest needs to track all donations that are rescued through our program. Recipients are required to complete Desert Harvest Donation Forms for each rescue and return these forms to our office in a timely manner.

Data is crucial for continued donor support. We use this information to thank our local food donors on a regular basis and to include in our applications for the grants that keep our program running. 



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