National Food Loss and Waste Reduction Goal

On September 16, 2015, the USDA and EPA launched the first-ever national food loss and waste goal in the United States: a 50-percent reduction in food loss and waste by 2030. This means that we would reduce our food supply waste from 30-40% to 15-20%. They will work in partnership with charitable organizations, faith organizations, the private sector, and local, state and tribal governments to reduce food loss and waste in order to improve overall food security and conserve our nation’s natural resources.


30-40% of our food supply is wasted.

pounds of food are wasted each year in the United States

Adelante Participants Combat Hunger Through Desert Harvest

Adelante's program participants collaborate with local businesses to rescue surplus food. Food waste is a big problem. The USDA estimates that 30-40% of food is wasted. We think that’s especially a shame in New Mexico where almost 18% of families are food insecure,...

Staggering Statistics: Americans Waste Over 133,000,000,000 Pounds Of Food Each Year

How does something as catastrophic as this happen? Food waste is now the number one contributor to landfills and the number 3 contributor of methane gas in the United States. Between 30-40% of all food is wasted. The USDA and EPA have set a goal of cutting these...