Adelante is grateful to have many long-term staff members who have dedicated their lives to people with disabilities. Paul Luttrell, Adelante’s Business Development Officer, is celebrating his 30th anniversary of service to Adelante this month. Throughout his career, Paul has worked diligently to provide the best employment opportunities for people with disabilities not just in New Mexico, but across the country.

During his time at Adelante, Paul helped launch EmployAbility, our supported employment program, and started Adelante’s Ticket to Work program, assisting both to grow to the largest in the state. Paul has served on numerous local and national boards of directors, has won several prestigious professional awards, and is considered a national expert on supported employment. Adelante is grateful to have devoted and knowledgeable employees like Paul, who are advocates for people with disabilities, and help fight stereotypes and limitations society places on people with disabilities.

Thank you, Paul, for your service to Adelante, and most importantly, for the difference you’ve made in so many lives, having a positive impact on thousands of people with disabilities over the years.