COVID-19 sanitizing has become a top priority for local businesses. A potential outbreak can mean a loss of business while you get back up and running. Even the threat of COVID-19 is keeping some customers away. But we’ve got good news. Adelante Facilities Support Services now offers disinfection services with the Clorox 360. For a fair price, you can have peace of mind at a business or even your home knowing it’s properly disinfected. They can even handle sanitizing your fleet vehicles. If you are considering using a professional sanitizing service to protect against COVID-19 and other viruses and bacteria, think about Adelante.

Our Newest Tool, the Clorox 360, Kills COVID-19!

Adelante is proud to be a community resource. And we therefore want to do our part in protecting our community against COVID-19. To point out, yes, the Clorox 360 kills COVID! The CDC recommends that businesses use EPA-approved disinfectants, and the Clorox 360 has EPA approval.

Electrostatic Technology – How it Works in COVID-19 Sanitizing

One benefit of the Clorox 360 is that it’s electrostatic. In other words, it gives the chemical a positive charge, allowing it to stick to all surfaces. That includes underneath or on the sides even when just sprayed near them. No wiping required. You thus get better coverage in those hard-to-reach places. Altogether, it takes only 2 minutes to kill COVID-19. Sanitized surfaces can be used again after just 10 minutes of drying time.

What’s more is that the Clorox 360 can disinfect pretty much anything. You can use it in bathrooms, businesses, offices, homes, conference rooms, and vehicles, too. Most cleaners are safe to use on hard surfaces, and Adelante Facilities Support Services have those covered. Where this technology stands out is that it can be safely used on electronics such as computers, tablets, and even around medical equipment. It’s also safe on soft surfaces like upholstered furniture, carpets, drapes, and more.

If you want to fight the Novel Coronavirus, the Clorox 360 is an excellent tool. It can clean virtually all surfaces, including electronics!
The Clorox 360 safely disinfects many surfaces, even electronics!

Experienced Cleaners & Crews

Finally, if you’re looking for people with the experience and care to help you fight COVID-19, look no further. We have nearly 30 years of experience in cleaning and disinfecting commercial facilities. We have well-trained team members, all of the appropriate insurance coverage, a strong quality control system, and a track record of handling contracts large and small. Also, Adelante is an organization that supports vulnerable people, including people with disabilities and seniors. Therefore, we understand how important it is to you to protect those you care about: family members, employees, and customers.

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