September 9-15, 2018, we said “Thank you” to Adelante’s direct support professionals (DSPs)! Every year, nationally, DSPs are recognized and celebrated for all the hard work and dedication they bring to caring for people with disabilities and the elderly. Our staff members who work directly with our clients and associates are on the front lines every day making dreams and possibilities come true. Respect, patience, attention to detail, and encouragement are just some of the positive values our professionals abide by. Plus they have fun and it shows.

Adelante is proud to recognize all of their excellent work. Celebrations were hosted at the different programs and Enterprises with lunch or desserts, along with a small gift of appreciation from Adelante and a note from the managers.

We asked several of our dedicated team members how they felt working directly with our clients, seniors, and people with disabilities. One story is shared below, but stories from all over Adelante can be found on our Facebook page.

Susan Yee (left) and Cecilia Apodaca (right) posing with a client holding a small basketball.

Susan Yee (left) and Cecilia Apodaca (right) posing with a client at Pathways. Clients engage in physical activities during their time in the day programs to help maintain their range of motion and strength.


Susan Yee works at Pathways, an Adelante day program in Albuquerque. She initially worked at Pathways for 9 years, and then started working at Pathways again a year and a half ago. When asked what she likes the most about working with clients, she said, “Just enjoying seeing their smiles and taking care of them. Seeing them smile is the best part of what I do. The staff here is great. I just enjoy these clients.”

Cecilia Apodaca works alongside Susan at Pathways and has worked there for over two years. Cecilia said, “I enjoy my job because it’s meaningful for me. I feel I’m doing something good for them. But at the same time, they [clients] are doing something good for me. They give me a reason to come every single day and work with them and to just have fun.” She also included words of advice for other DSPs. “I know it’s hard and stressful sometimes. But at the same time, it’s meaningful and it is a great place to work.”

Pathways is a challenging place to work as a DSP because many of the clients are medically fragile and have difficulty communicating and moving independently. It takes a special person to work there – one who will take the time to get to know people and understand, even without words, how they are doing. Susan and Cecelia are just two of the great DSPs at Adelante.

Robin Carter, Program Manager of Pathways, is incredibly appreciative of her team members and recognizes the work DSPs do in other programs. She said, “Many clients have grown in their lives due to the time the staff take to make their life better and listen to them to find what is important in their lives. It takes a special person to work at Pathways; or, for that matter, at Adelante in all programs. It is not easy. We deal with a lot of personal care, medical issues and very tough teams at times and on outcomes that the staff work so hard to help them meet. They are truly the heart of Pathways and Adelante is very lucky to have each and every one of them. Adelante staff are the best!”

You can thank DSPs all year long! Take a moment to say “Thank you” to the staff members who support you or your loved ones. Write a card or a quick note, send in a small gift, or just voice your appreciation. It means a lot!

Adelante is thankful for our DSPs helping our clients reach new heights in their goals and endeavors.