During this pandemic, we have all become more aware of the hard work of essential employees. In today’s COVID-19 world, that often means those who are providing essential care for those who face greater risks of complications with the novel Coronavirus such as people with disabilities and seniors.

While Adelante has always valued the quality of work and the importance of the care our Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) provide, now more than ever they have been put to the test, and we appreciate them even more.

Adelante sites are working hard to adhere to the Department of Health guidelines wherever possible. However, in Adelante homes it’s impossible to fully practice social distancing while also providing direct care. For one, we all have to follow the stay at home orders, but often Adelante is home to our clients. . Second, if a DSP helps someone to eat, get dressed, or bathe, they have to work within the 6 ft space that so many of us have been actively avoiding.


Adelante’s DSPs are not only taking great care, despite this tough situation, they are doing so under a great deal of extra stress. They have to be certain they feel well. They have to sanitize surfaces frequently and wash their own hands and the hands of the clients often. They truly understand that if the people in their care get sick, lives are at stake. DSPs are often going to Adelante homes when they formerly worked in day programs because that’s where their care is needed, taking on extra travel and time. All this knowing that they could be risking their own health and the health of their family members while doing this work.

Early in this pandemic, the government shut down day programs for people with disabilities across the state. All Adelante day programs remain closed to clients. We understand the need to socially isolate as much as we can and work hard to stay on top of and comply with all health orders. Department of Health is holding regular meetings and checking in, which we appreciate.

However, our main worry is for our clients and the DSPs directly working with them. DSPs are the heart of Adelante and the heart of this field. It has been really rough on them to move to different sites, to engage clients day in and day out with the restriction of staying home almost entirely. We are bringing projects and activity ideas to them, but to say this pandemic is putting a strain on the entire disability and senior care field would be an understatement. DSPs are under scrutiny and stress like never before, and their care has never been more important.

Adelante wants to reward this work. We want to thank people for sticking with us, whether they are still actively working, or patiently waiting for sites to reopen. We need caring, capable people in this field, so we are shifting our fundraising efforts to support these direct service staff. Our hope is to provide gift cards or other goodies to reward their efforts, but we can’t do it alone. That funding depends on YOU, our supporters. Won’t you take a few minutes today to reach out with a gift for the people that support your loved ones? Donate today. All proceeds from this fundraiser will go to DSPs.

If you can’t afford to give, please pause to say thank you to our DSPs and share this link with others who may be able to donate. Let them know the value of this work and this field.

Thank you for supporting Adelante and especially the hard working people who make our mission happen every day.

Adelante DSPs may not wear capes, but they are superheroes! This drawing is from a staff member’s child, supporting this work,