Disability Services

Adelante has been providing services for people with disabilities for over 40 years. In 1978, when we were founded, we supported just 6 men with autism.

Today, we provide a full range of support services and resources for people with a wide variety of disabling conditions.

Whether you’re looking for employment, educational opportunities, day services, residential supports, help connecting to governmental benefits, or other support… Adelante can help.

Services for People with Disabilities

Employment Options

Adelante believes that anyone who wants to work should be able to work and our first priority it to connect people to competitive jobs in the community. Adelante offers those services through EmployAbility, a supported employment program, and we are also a provider for Social Security Ticket to Work. National statistics show participation rates for employment remain at less than 30 percent for people with disabilities. for people with developmental disabilities, less than 20 percent are in the workforce.

Adelante also provides jobs through our own Enterprises so that other employers can see what great employees people with disabilities can be. This is a choice in the range of employment services that also offers promotions and opportunities to learn and grow in a supported setting.

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An Adelante client, a woman with a disability, poses with her supervisor in a grocery store aisle

Day Programs

Adelante offers day services (customized community supports) for people with a wide variety of intellectual and developmental disabilities through our Community Options programs. Each location offers a variety of on-site activity choices like computers, fine arts, crafts, gardening or fitness. More importantly, Adelante uses these locations as jumping off points to get people out in the community learning about and enjoying outdoor activities or cultural events, volunteering, accessing museums, or taking classes. 

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Residential Programs

Adelante’s Community Living program offers a variety of residential support choices to meet the needs of people with disabilities including:

Supported Living (24/7 care)
Independent Living (minimal support in your own home/apartment)
Home-Based Living (support in your own family’s home)

disabled man and Adelante support staff exercise with therapy ball

Assistive Equipment - Back In Use

Adelante Back in Use helps recycle assistive technology in New Mexico by taking in donations of items like wheelchairs, walkers, hospital beds, and communication devices and connecting those items to people who need them. We help hundreds of seniors and people with disabilities get equipment each year. The program accepts donations of equipment from the public.  

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