Back in Use Covid Update

As directed by the state of New Mexico and our federal partners, Adelante will begin a gradual reopening of Back in Use on June 1, called Phase A. Phase B reopening begins July 6, 2020.

Our guiding principles:

  • Ensuring the safety and well-being of Adelante staff, clients, and customers
  • Supporting our public health and government officials
  • Being in service to our communities in a safe manner

Staff safety protocols:

  • Upon arrival staff temperatures are taken. If over 100 degrees, staff go home.
  • Staff complete symptom questionnaire every morning. If any risk symptoms are present, staff go home.
  • Staff wash hands every 60 minutes.
  • Masks are worn at all times, except when alone in an office.
  • Gloves are worn at all times, except when alone in an office.
  • Staff maintain six feet distance at all times.
  • If staff isn’t comfortable in the work environment, they alert management immediately.

Back In Use Phase B, Curbside Pickup:

  • Staff will contact our waiting list and set up appointments for curbside pickup. New requests are accepted.
  • As always, equipment is sanitized using Hub Scrub with attention to detail.
  • Customer calls when at the curb ready for pick up.
  • If the customer needs help lifting equipment, the customer leaves the trunk open and returns to the car.
  • Staff puts the equipment on the sidewalk or in the trunk and leaves the clipboard with paperwork for the customer to fill out. Staff goes back in building.
  • Customer puts equipment in their vehicle, fills out the form, and leaves the form in the box by the door.
  • Customer calls staff to let them know they have completed the transaction and the form is filled out.

Durable Medical Equipment

Back in Use recycles assistive devices and gives them away to people with disabilities and seniors in need of wheelchairs, walkers, hospital beds and more. All durable medical equipment is inspected, cleaned, and sanitized before it is distributed. Click here to donate or request equipment, or call (505) 445-5332.

Back in Use relies on donations of durable equipment to pass on to people in need. Equipment must be in good working order as we do not repair equipment.

Due to Covid-19, we are taking donations by appointment only at this time. Please call us at 505.341.7171 to make an appointment. Thank you!

Benefits of Back in Use

Help for People in Need

Adelante Back in Use is beneficial to our community. Durable medical equipment is provided to people with disabilities, seniors, and people who are underinsured. Recycling and reusing equipment saves medical costs and helps those who need these items to maintain their independence. Back in Use provides the equipment free of charge to the end user.

Adelante is not a Durable Medical Equipment (DME) dealer, so we cannot fill prescriptions for equipment. For certain devices we do require disability documentation.

Jobs are provided for individuals with disabilities through Back in Use including picking up, sanitizing, and distributing durable medical equipment.


Thousands of pounds of recyclable material are kept out of landfills every year and truly put “Back in Use” in our community. Items that were formerly sitting unused in spare bedrooms and garages or would have been thrown away can now benefit others in the community.

Need Further Assistance?

If you’re a person with a disability looking for a computer, that portion of device recycling is now handled by Adelante DiverseIT

More resources are also available through Back in Use funder, NMTAP. The New Mexico Technology Assistance Program (NMTAP) offers free services to New Mexicans with disabilities to help them get the Assistive Technology (AT) they need. Visit their website or call 505.841.4464 for more information.


Help Adelante's Back in Use Program

Get Involved

Contact us to donate or request equipment

If you have a new request for equipment, call 505.445.5332.

To check on the status of a previous request, call 505.341.7171. 


Thanks to our supporters!