Day Programs

Adelante offers community-based day programs for people with disabilities in Albuquerque and Belen.

Each location offers a variety of activity choices like computers, fine arts, crafts, gardening or fitness. More importantly, Adelante supports individuals to be out and about in the community learning about and enjoying many outdoor activities, accessing museums and cultural sites, and volunteering.




Day Program Features

Community-based day programming is an area of expertise for Adelante. We provide environments that are accessible and safe while ensuring personal choice and freedom. Individuals are respected and supported, and person-centered planning empowers people to set and achieve their personal goals. Adelante can even provide support for people who are severely disabled or medically fragile.

Adelante Adventures

Adelante Adventures is a day program that incorporates outings of the clients’ choice, animals, and fine arts in a therapeutic, educational environment. If you’re a person with a disability who enjoys companion animals and would like to explore your creative side as well as your community, this might be a great choice for you.

Painting, pottery, sketching, and performances are part of the arts activities. Community learning opportunities include visits to galleries and museums. There are also onsite activities such as cooking, computers, and more to choose from. 

Personal Choices & Freedom

All Adelante’s day programs are offered on a full or part-time basis, so if people want to work part-time and come to our day programs part-time, Adelante can often accommodate their schedules.

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