Residential Programs

Everyone wants to live in a place that is a welcoming and comfortable. Whether they have roommates or live alone, it’s the place to call their own. It is also a major milestone in a person’s life when they move out of their parent’s home, but for many years that was not an option for people with disabilities. 

Adelante offers a full-range of residential services from 24/7 care to Independent Living and Family Living services. 

Community Living Services

Supported Living

Adelante’s largest residential program is Supported Living. Adelante operates over 20 homes in Albuquerque and Valencia County. Some of the homes are owned by the agency, others are owned by the residents, but all of them provide a completely accessible environment with supportive staff members. Nursing, nutritional counseling, and financial training are provided, with round-the-clock care available. The program can accommodate everyone from very active, on-the-go people to those who are medically fragile, but still want the opportunity to live and socialize in the community.

The most important aspect of Adelante’s Community Living houses is that they truly are homes. People involved in the program choose roommates who have similar goals, needs, and interests. The Adelante Community Living staff members take great care to make each person feel at home. Rooms are painted in the person’s favorite colors, with comforters and matching window coverings chosen by participants. Staff members have sewn curtains, painted murals on walls, and decorated each room with care and love, and it shows.

Independent Living

Independent Living, also known as Customized In-Home Supports, is designed to help people who live in their own home or apartment — either alone, with family or roommates — to learn in and explore their community. The support provided is specific to the individual’s needs, but may include training on banking, grocery shopping, accessing community activities, finding available resources, or learning life skills to name a few.

This service is provided in the Albuquerque metro area and in Valencia County.


Family Living


Family Living is a contracted residential service where the provider, who is usually a family member, support the needs of the individual with a disability who lives in the contractor’s home.

Adelante works with families who are providing paid services as Family Living Providers by offering the necessary state-required trainings and working to make sure the needs and goals of the individual with disabilities are being met. Adelante staff members check in on a scheduled basis to meet with the families and the individuals. This service is provided in the Albuquerque metro area and in Valencia County.

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