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Ticket To Work

Welcome to Adelante’s Ticket to Work Program, an approved Employment Network with the Social Security Administration in providing FREE Ticket to Work services. Adelante has been helping individuals receiving SSI or SSDI disability benefits return to work for over 15 years and we provide these services across the country.

As part of your SSI or SSDI benefits Ticket to Work provides free assistance to those individuals with the desire to explore returning to work, reduce their reliance on disability benefits to the fullest extent possible, and make more money than their benefits pay providing a better way of life.

There may also be training opportunities in such cases a person is not able to return to the same type of work they did previously. We can help guide you to the agencies that may be able to assist you with training so that you may qualify for good paying jobs. 

Understanding Your Benefits

Worried you’ll lose your benefits if you get a job?

We have the answers. Click here for details or call to speak with one of our team for more information at 505.341.7131.

Are you looking for
training to return to the workforce?

We can help guide you to the agencies that may be able to assist you with training. After completing your training we can help assist you with securing a good paying job with an employer in your area. 

We work with customers all across the country.

We use technology like Zoom to conduct video conferencing for training and support. It’s easy to use. You can use  your mobile device or computer to connect. The video at the right is an example of a Zoom session.

Ticket Services We Provide:

  • Understanding special work incentives and how they protect your benefits as you return to work
  • Identify your job skills and how they apply in today’s job market
  • Explore your career interests and create a path for returning to work
  • Create customized resumes and cover letters that emphasize your qualifications
  • Develop your interviewing and presentation skills to prepare for talking to potential employers
  • Provide you – Local, City, State, and Federal job leads and assist you through the application process
  • Understanding reasonable accommodations and how to request this from an employer
  • Provide assistance with proper wage reporting and responding to paperwork received from SSA
  • On-going supports for maintaining employment, career advancement, and re-employment

Success Stories

“I have not looked for a job in such a long time. Over 20 years. I contacted Adelante’s Ticket to Work program and they provided me with job specific cover letter examples. By following their suggestion on using a special technique in finding companies with potential job postings, I was able to find and applied at two contract manufacturers in Colorado. It can be time consuming with all the businesses that turn out to be sales only, but worth the effort. Thanks for the tip, I am really grateful for your support!”

– Ticket Holder, Colorado Springs, Colorado

“I had contacted other Employment Networks but none of them had as much knowledge as what was just explained to me. I greatly appreciate the time that you have taken to explain this to me. I think after having our conversation I would like to partner with your Employment Network to reach my employment goals.”

– Ticket Holder, Albuquerque, New Mexico

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