Computer Donations and Re-use

DiverseIT receives computers as donations, scrubs the hard-drives, completes repairs as needed, and gives them away for free to people with disabilities and nonprofits in the community. DiverseIT is addressing the digital divide in New Mexico. Donating and re-using computers is just one way we do that.

If you have a disability and need a computer, if you are a nonprofit that needs computers, or if you are a business who can donate computers, the first step is to complete the linked forms below and answer the questions. 

This work also provides job skills training for interns who learn how to refurbish and repair computer systems.  Thank you for working with us!


Person with Disability Gets a Computer

 Your Donations Help us to be a Community Resource

DiverseIT is able to provide computers to people with disabilities, seniors, and local nonprofit organizations because of the caring individuals and businesses that donate computers. Thanks to your support, DiverseIT has given away thousands of computers helping people with disabilities and seniors communicate with the larger world, pursue more education, or return to work.

We have also helped over 100 New Mexico nonprofits get the computers they need to set up offices, networks, or computer learning centers. Your generosity is multiplied throughout our community when you give to DiverseIT. 

I have a disability and need a computer.

To get a computer for yourself or someone else with a disabling condition:

1. Fill out and submit the Computer Request form.

2. Send proof of disability, listed in the gray box to the right, to DiverseIT in one of the following ways.

Email: Take a picture or scan your document and send to with an e-mail subject of Computer Request.


5400 San Mateo Blvd NE
Albuquerque, NM 87109 

ATTN: Computer Request

Fax:  attention: DiverseIT Computer Request to  505.341.2001

Phone: If you are a client of NMDVR, GCD, ILRC, or another disability program your case manager can call 505.341.7166 and verify your status.

 3. We will be in touch to schedule an appointment with you.

Proof of Disability

  • SSDI Notice of Benefits (must clearly state the benefit is for disability)
  • Most recent IEP. (Less than 4 years old)
  • Letter from physician outlining your condition(s) and clearly stating that in this case, the condition(s) constitutes a disability.
  • Already a client of another disability service provider. For example: NM Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR), Governor’s Committee on Disability (GCD), Independent Living Resource Center (ILRC).

My nonprofit needs computers.

To request computers for your nonprofit organization please complete the Nonprofit Computer Request form. After we have your form, we will be in touch. Please understand that will provide a limited number of computers to each nonprofit for free so we can share with as many organizations as possible. Thank you!

Questions? call 505.341.7166 

I'd like to donate computers.

DiverseIT appreciates donations of computers from individuals, businesses, or governmental organizations. To be useful, we prefer systems to be 4 years old or newer and they must be able to run at least Windows 10. To donate, please complete the Donate Computers form.

Rest assured that hard-drives are securely scrubbed and overwritten to a government security standard. New software is loaded before the computer is donated to a person or organization in need.

To arranged to drop off computers or arrange a pickup, call 505-881-8324 

Donate Computers

Computer Repair
Training Center

5400 San Mateo Blvd NE
Albuquerque, NM 87109


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