Computer Donations and Re-use

Technology changes quickly, but your system, four years old or newer, can still benefit the community. DiverseIT interns refurbish donated computers and provide IT services to individuals and organizations as part of the DiverseIT training program.

We give refurbished computers to people with qualifying disabilities or seniors who cannot otherwise afford them. DiverseIT also provides computers to nonprofit organizations, as a community resource.

Use the form below to request or donate a computer.

 Your Donations Help us be a Community Resource

DiverseIT is able to provide computers to people with disabilities, seniors, and local nonprofit organizations because of the caring individuals and businesses that donate their computers. Thanks to your support, DiverseIT has given away thousands of computers helping people with disabilities and seniors communicate with the larger world, pursue more education, or return to work.

We have also helped over 100 New Mexico nonprofits get the computers they need to set up offices, networks, or computer learning centers. Your generosity is multiplied throughout our community when you give to DiverseIT. 

Get a Computer Through DiverseIT

DiverseIT refurbishes and gives computers away, but we do ask that potential recipients provide proof of their disability. Proof of disability can include your being a client of an agency such as DVR, GCD, ILRC, etc. Just have your counselor or case manager confirm with DiverseIT.

It can also include your Social Security Disability Income Notice of Benefits, or a letter from your physician. DiverseIT can also accept your most recent, complete Individualized Education Program (for adults, last IEP if less than 4 years old).

Taking a picture of your proof of disability, and a picture of the proof of disability form for submission, is recommended. You can also scan your documents and submit them. The proof of disability documents must clearly indicate your condition.

Please send them to DiverseIT@GoAdelante.org, with an e-mail subject of Computer Request.

Thank you!

Donate Computers

DiverseIT appreciates donations of computers from individuals, businesses, or governmental organizations. To donate, please complete the form below.

We are Microsoft registered for refurbishing computers and we can do some repairs, but for the systems to be of value to our recipients, we prefer systems to be 4 years old or newer. You can drop computers off at our Lab location, within Adelante’s administrative building at 3900 Osuna Rd NE in Albuquerque. Or if you have a bunch of systems to donate we can arrange a pickup.

Hard-drives are securely scrubbed, overwriting the system to a government security standard. New software is loaded before the computer is later donated to a person in need. 

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