Have you noticed that, in addition to all the other uncertainty in the world, there is also an uptick in cyber threats?

Just last month a popular fitness device and smartwatch company, Garmin, was the victim of a huge ransomware threat. Ransomware is where hackers infect computers with a computer virus and then demand money in exchange for removing said virus. And sources say that Garmin, working with another company, paid the hackers millions of dollars to take the ransomware off!

This is a scary situation indeed. So what can you do to protect yourself and your family from this kind of threat?

We have 4 simple but important steps you can take to keep your personal information and data safe from cyber threats.

1. Use security software for your computers and keep it up-to-date.

You can find in-depth and unbiased reviews of all kinds of security software on websites like Consumer Reports.

2. Use multi-step authentication for your secure accounts like bank accounts, financial statements, or medical records.

Have you ever logged in somewhere, then you get a code over text that you have enter to get into your account? That’s multi-step authentication. Make sure your personal information can only be accessed through a two (or more) step login process.

3. Set your phone to automatically update in order to get the best protection from cyber threats. 

Regular software updates may prevent new security threats to your device. These updates include the latest and greatest security technology developed. You may forget to update, and then not realize you have outdated software.

4. Back up your data. 

You can use external hard drives, or you can use one of many cloud based data storage apps. If your data is backed up, you won’t worry about losing it in the case of a cyber attack.

If you need more information, need help setting up security software, or need help removing a virus, the DiverseIT team is here to help. Call us, and we’ll be happy to answer your questions and help you secure your systems. Our popular one hour remote Internet Safety classes begin again in September. Give us a call, 881-TECH or stop by our site. Watch for updates.