IT Career Training

DiverseIT trains people who are interested making technology a career. Our aim is to extend the many employment opportunities offered in the field of technology to people with disabilities, people of color, and other populations that are too often excluded from IT.

Ours is a professional, hands-on environment that uses multiple strategies including on-the-job training, internships, group training, project-based learning, individual mentoring, and online training.

Our career track options are listed below, as well as information about financial aid. 

COVID Update

DiverseIT is currently using a virtual classroom model for our Career Training clients. For more information please call us at 505. 341.7166.

IT Career Training Options

Career Training Tracks

Computer Repair Training: Hardware & Software

DiverseIT offers hands-on training in computer repair including hardware and software applications. If you would like a career or to build a business fixing computer systems, loading software, removing malware, and more, this is the training track for you. 

Through this DiverseIT training our interns earn certifications in A+, Network +, and Security +. People in this training track are also better prepared to work on other computer language, software, or hardware certifications that fit their career goals.  

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Computer Repair Training

Computer Repair
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