DiverseIT offers computer training and certifications in an effort to open more employment opportunities up to people with disabilities, people of color, women and other populations that are too often excluded from IT. We will work with you to provide the training you and your organization need for your group, whether its a few classes or a semester-long curriculum plan.

We offer customized training and curriculum to schools and charter schools who are looking to offer more indepth technical training. DiverseIT also offers group training to nonprofits and local businesses that are trying to build the skills of their workforce or allow for more professional development to retain good employees. 

Ours is a professional, hands-on environment that uses multiple strategies including on-the-job training, internships, project-based learning, individual mentoring, and/or online training. 

One on One Training is Available

If there are certain tasks or even software you’d like to learn about on your computer, DiverseIT is here to help. We can train you in person at our Center or virtually, over the computer for a very reasonable hourly rate. For more information please call us at 505. 881.8324 or send an email to
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Scholarships Available to Make Upcoming 

Intro to Tech Classes & Google IT Support Professional Certifications FREE!

Applications Being Accepted Now!

If you have wanted to start a career in technology or explore tech fields, but haven’t had a way to pay for it, DiverseIT is happy to offer you a solution. We recently got a grant from Encantado Foundation to help increase participation in STEM fields. It was a perfect fit with our work bridging the digital divide and increasing diversity in the IT field. Google IT started in mid September 11, 2023, but we have a few slots still available and will will help you catch up! The next Intro to Tech courses will start November 6, 2023 and January 8, 2024. Learn more or apply with the links below!

IT Training: From the Basics to Careers

Computer Training for People with Disabilities

Adelante has been working with people with disabilities for over 40 years, and DiverseIT also has disability as a primary focus area. Not only are people with disabilities underrepresented in the workforce, they are often left out of the IT field. That’s a part of the digital divide we truly want to address.

DiverseIT works with NM Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (NM DVR) to support specific job skills and career training for people with disabilities. This includes hands-on training in computer repair including hardware and software applications. People with disabilities learn to fix computer systems, load software, remove malware, and more.

Through this DiverseIT training, interns can earn certifications of their choice including A+, Network +, and Security +. People in this training track are also better prepared to work on other computer language, software, or hardware certifications that fit their career goals.  

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Part of the skills building and education we offer through DiverseIT includes working toward and earning IT certifications of your choice. Currently we offer A+ and Google Admin Certification, for example.

Google IT Support Certification requires participants to complete 5 courses of study in foundational skills including troubleshooting, customer service, networking, operating systems, system administration and security. The coursework is for beginners and prepares people for entry level work in IT support services. Through DiverseIT, this program takes about 8 months to complete.

DiverseIT can also teach the fundamentals of PC  hardware installation, repair, and troubleshooting. The goal is to prepares students for the CompTIA A+ Exam.  Through the training, participants gain the skills they need to work as entry-level computer technicians. The industry-recognized certificate paves the way for a career in the PC repair field. The program takes about 4 months to complete with DiverseIT.

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Group Training for Schools, Nonprofits, & Businesses

DiverseIT has lots of experience setting up customized training for a variety of groups. You can count on us to work with you to determine the needs of your team and to develop a schedule of trainings to get everyone up to speed. This can be a certain software or system or a full certification program.

DiverseIT has worked with schools and charter schools to boost their IT curriculum. For example, we have worked with multiple cohorts from Tech Leadership High School, helping their students earn IT certifications and build their computer skills. We’d love to work with your school, too.

DiverseIT is part of Adelante, one of the largest social service organizations in New Mexico, so we understand the needs of nonprofits for both training and managed services. We offer both to local nonprofits and we can also provide computers to nonprofits.

Local businesses can also turn to DiverseIT for training. We know computers and the major software groups and can train your people to use them.

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Computer Classes

Even if you’re just an individual interested in learning about computers, DiverseIT is here to help. Check out some of the classes we offer to introduce beginners to the computer basics.

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