Salesforce Implementation

 Keeping track of customers, whether you offer services, products or you are a nonprofit, is often the key to success. Salesforce is a state-of-the-art Customer Management System (CMS) than offers initial licenses for free to nonprofits. DiverseIT has extensive experience implementing and upgrading Salesforce with Certified Salesforce Admins on the team.

We can help you from beginning to end, including developing Functional Requirements, building out the applications, all required reports and dashboards, and training at whatever level you desire. Harness the power of Salesforce with DiverseIT as your partner!

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“The DiverseIT team was able to install, customize, and train us on how to use Salesforce. Meta and her team were phenomenal at providing us with everything that we asked for and are always willing to help with any concerns or needs. They are very thorough and make sure that there is no stone left unturned. When the project was completed, myself and my staff had an extensive knowledge of the software how to navigate it and also make changes if need be. We would highly recommend DiverseIT.” 

Joseph Shaw, Director
Fathers Building Futures, a New Mexico Nonprofit 

Successful Salesforce Startups!

Salesforce Capabilities

Salesforce is the World’s #1 Cloud Engagement Application. It offers a comprehensive portfolio of services to automate sales, customer support, digital commerce, productivity tools, and data analytics. Salesforce can help you integrate every part of your organization that interacts with your customers or key contacts including marketing, development, sales, service, and more. It’s what is known as a CRM platform which means customer relationship management and DiverseIT can help you implement Salesforce at your organization.

  • Gives teams a shared view of every customer
  • Integrates easily with existing data and systems
  • Keeps your business data safe and secure
  • Scales for any size organization
  • Customizable fields and reports


Implement & Customize Salesforce

Adelante DiverseIT offers reasonable pricing for development, implementation, and training in Salesforce. Yes, Adelante DiverseIT has Salesforce certified team members who will help every step of the way. The first step is to implement the software and customize the Salesforce platform to meet your needs. With our customers, we go through a discovery process to determine how you would like to use Salesforce, the reports you would like to have, and how you want your data organized. Once we understand your needs, our work can begin to build out and program Salesforce as a custom installation for your organization.

Every implementation project is different and pricing depends on what features your organization needs, if you want training for your team and other aspects of a successful implementation.


Use Your Data

Organizations have treasure troves of data, but often aren’t able to access that information in a timely or efficient manner. Either the data is in spreadsheets or on paper, or in multiple different systems. This makes it hard to report back to your board of directors or funders, or even to share your successes on social media. It also makes it hard to make data-driven decisions that are crucial today. This is where Salesforce Dashboards excel and they are customizable and easy to share. DiverseIT can help you with an Executive Summary to a particular customer’s data and everything in between.

Want to know when a customer last made a purchase? Or what zip codes your clients come from? Or, for nonprofits, total donations for a month, week, or year? Or total contributions over the life of your relationship with a particular foundation? DiverseIT can help you create those reports and dashboards, and customize your searches, too.


Train Your Team

The final step in successfully implementing Salesforce is to ensure you and your staff members know how to fully use it so you can enter and extract the information you need with ease. After all, you need to be able to not only view reports, but how to create new reports and dashboards. Not to mention being able to pull lists of contacts, and retrieve information. DiverseIT team can train your team at our DiverseIT Computer Repair & Training Center as a group or one on one. That means we can handle your whole crew upon initial start-up and if you want support when you hire someone new, we are here to help. DiverseIT can even help people on your team earn their Salesforce certifications. During the pandemic we have been training everyone remotely and successfully. So, it doesn’t matter where your staff members are located or if they work from home or another remote location. If they have internet access, DiverseIT can train them.



Salesforce for Nonprofits

Adelante is a nonprofit and understands what nonprofits need. We have implemented Salesforce at our organization and helped other nonprofits import data and set up Salesforce for volunteer management, donation tracking and reports, data for grants, and more. 

A big advantage advantage for nonprofits is that Salesforce donates ten licenses to all eligible organizations at no cost through the Power of Us program and discounts on additional subscriptions. However, even with these donations, nonprofits are often stymied by the cost of implementation for their organization because customization is needed and an IT consultant can be costly. Working with another nonprofit like Adelante DiverseIT can be helpful and more cost-effective.

The Nonprofit Success Pack of Salesforce was built for nonprofits, with nonprofit input. NPSP includes support for: program management, community engagement, marketing, communications, fundraising, and analytics. Wondering how many people donated in a certain month or how many hours a volunteer has contributed? We can create those kind of custom reports for you.

Finally, by working with Adelante, you’re supporting another nonprofit. Specifically, your Salesforce work helps DiverseIT address the digital divide in New Mexico – increasing the numbers of women, people with disabilities and people of color in the IT workforce, and providing computers to people with disabilities and other nonprofits that need them.



The DiverseIT Team Has Successfully Implemented Salesforce for:
Donor Management, Volunteer Applications, Volunteer Time Tracking, Contact Center Services, Project Management, Order Fulfillment, and More!

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