Adelante Adventures client reaches for a treat in her treat bag to give to one of our dogs.

Staff, clients, and the dogs from Adelante were thrilled to get a grant recently to buy new cots and beds for the dogs, training tools, a grooming table, treats, and more! The grant from the Uncle Phil Maloof Foundation is in memory of Uncle Phil Maloof and his concern for children and animals. Some of these new donations help dogs learn how to open doorknobs or turn light switches on and off. Other tools, like ladders, help them learn agility and coordination. Adelante is very appreciative of the Uncle Phil Maloof Foundation for these dog supplies. Each of these items will help Adelante clients with their dog training efforts.

How Does Adelante Train Dogs & Why?

Individuals participating in Adelante Adventures day program in Albuquerque help train service dogs under the guidance of dog trainer Dani Miller. Our clients work with the dogs to help them learn the basic skills they will need to be service dogs. Additionally, Adelante clients and staff take dogs out into the community, providing a way for the dogs and the clients to learn in a real-world environment. They practice opening doors, turning switches on and off, walking with a loose leash, and more. Once the dogs master those skills, they leave our program to get further training at Assistance Dogs of the West. There, they learn the skills they will need to work directly for a specific person with a disability. Some of the dogs our clients have trained even serve in the FBI.

The dog training work at Adelante also helps our clients with disabilities. Clients gain better communication skills by giving clear commands to the dogs. Furthermore, working with the dogs on agility activities supports the physical health of our clients. That includes overall movement as well as large and small motor skills. Clients also gain confidence. For example, they advocate for having the dogs in stores and learn to speak up for themselves, too. Dogs provide clients with a sense of responsibility and purpose. They know the dogs count on them, and they understand they are training the dogs to help other people with disabilities. That work and their support of the dogs matters.

An Adventures program dog rests in one of the tunnels donated by the Uncle Phil Maloof foundation.
These donated tunnels are good for agility training and napping, too!

Have Treats to Share?

This grant was a special gift to Adelante to support our dog training. Does a specific aspect of Adelante’s programs inspire you? You can make a difference, too! If there is a specific part of Adelante you would like to support, reach out to our development team at Alternatively, you can donate online and simply add a note about how you’d like your donation to benefit our programs If you just want to support our mission in general, it’s still okay to donate without specifying a program. We will spend donations where they are needed most. Generous people help us move our community forward!