GiveABQ, Adelante’s newest community resource started earlier this year, to make donations easier to receive and distribute for multiple nonprofits. After all, if any organization gets a call for a household of furniture or a slew of desks and bookshelves, no one organization could easily use it all. GiveABQ helps coordinate those efforts, picking up and warehousing the donations, and also sharing them on our website so participating organizations can see what’s available. Now, over 65 nonprofits are taking part, and many of the organizations are connecting people who are experiencing homelessness, so we are in urgent need of household furniture. If you have a dresser, sofa, kitchen table and chairs and other items to donate, please consider giving them to GiveABQ.

Housing Challenges in New Mexico

Through our strategy of Mission Leveraging™, Adelante and our partners maximize the good impact we all make in New Mexico. And one of the issues we’re tackling is stable housing for New Mexicans.

Housing is indeed a pressing problem for many New Mexico families. Habitat for Humanity found, for example, that 1 in 8 New Mexican households spend more than half their income on housing. Furthermore, The National Low Income Housing Coalition discovered another troubling statistic. While the wage to afford a 2-bedroom apartment in New Mexico at fair market value is at minimum $16.34 an hour, the average hourly wage of a New Mexico renter is just $13.41.

A woman stands to the left of a Give ABQ truck. She is holding a lamp. Two GiveABQ employees are loading a nightstand into the truck. The woman is smiling, happy t o be donating.
By donating to GiveABQ, you’ll be helping many deserving families get a stable home.

Urgent Need for Furniture

With the challenge of housing prices, when families find a place to stay, or a nonprofit helps them find an apartment, they have no furniture to put inside. In turn, we need furniture donations from generous community members, like you.

A mother is smiling down at her son. Two men from GiveABQ are behind them. They are delivering a dresser for them. The men are carrying the dresser into a bedroom.
By donating your gently used furniture, you are helping secure stable housing for New Mexicans in need.

Christine Ponce, a service coordinator with Yes Housing, recently attended a GiveABQ orientation. She highlighted the importance of collaborating with GiveABQ and how it helps in their mission of providing affordable, quality housing to people who need it. “We work with people aged 20 all the way up to 96 years old. GiveABQ can definitely help our residents, as sometimes they don’t have anything. We had one gentleman, for example, come in with [just] the shirt on his back. We got him a bed, but he still needed a table.”

Maximize Your Donation Impact

Many times donors have items to give, but they are unsure which organization can use it. GiveABQ takes the guesswork out of donations of household goods, office furnishings, or durable medical equipment. If you donate items to GiveABQ, multiple nonprofits can view and select them for their clients.

A woman stands in her driveway to the right of the GiveABQ truck watching the GiveABQ employees load a dresser that she is donating. She has her hand on her hips. She is happy that she is donating her dresser to GiveABQ.
For a small fee, we can come and pick up your donation, making donating to GiveABQ easy for you!

We appreciate your donations! They can be dropped off Tuesday through Friday between 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM at the GiveABQ warehouse, 1520 1st St NW, in downtown Albuquerque. If you need to come at a different time, call 505.341.GIVE (4483) to make arrangements. 

If you items that are too large to bring yourself, we offer pickups. There is a fee of $25 within the Albuquerque city limits to help us cover our costs and remain sustainable. Contact us and arrange a time, or complete the form at . Thank you for supporting this nonprofit community resource with your donations of furniture. We appreciate it and so do all of our nonprofit partners.