“Adelante” is Spanish for “forward.” In other words, we work to help people who have been held back by limited opportunities or prejudice to live good lives. This is the foundation of our organization’s mission. We are hiring more team members to help care for and support people with disabilities and seniors in the community.

Adelante would not be where we are today as an organization if not for our staff members who work directly with seniors or people with disabilities. They contribute to our mission and most importantly the quality of life for people in our care. Adelante values this work and continues to hire more caregivers as we expand and introduce new programs, like senior assisted living homes which began operation this year.

We provide training!

It is not necessary for people to have direct care experience as Adelante provides paid training to our employees. Above all, Adelante looks for kind, capable, and compassionate team members.

Two women are together in a living room. One uses an electric wheelchair. She is resting. Her support staff Cindy is standing next to her and checking on her.
Cindy strives to be loyal to her supported living clients.

Cindy, who works at one of our Community Living homes for people with disabilities, is a great example.

Cindy explains that our clients don’t just need, but deserve, someone who is on their side. “These ladies deserve to have someone loyal to them and take care of them, and that’s what we do.” Cindy also shared advice about how members of our community could better respect our clients and care about our mission, and how caregivers can help them do so: “Just treat them like a person like you do anyone else…Introduce people to them, and more people will be concerned.”

Two women stand together by a raised planter. One is holding a trowel and is smiling at the camera. The other, her direct support staff, stands right behind her and is also smiling at the camera. There is a pruned rose bush in the planter to the right.
Supported living professionals help clients in a variety activities, including gardening.

Direct support staff members help clients work past barriers, so Adelante appreciates team members who can help others understand the challenges people with disabilities face. Recently Cindy and some of her clients came across children in the community. “Kids are really curious,” Cindy says. “One time a kid stared at a client, and his mom apologized. I told her ‘It’s okay.’ I want people to be more aware of who [our clients] are and how special they are.” Awareness is the first step. Furthermore, helping others be more aware creates a better community for people with disabilities.

Two senior women are sitting out on the porch drinking tea. Their caregiving staff member is with them. She is pouring the tea. It is sunny outside.
Adelante is looking for direct care staff members for our senior assisted living homes, too.

Know a great potential employee?

Adelante looking for more people to join our compassionate team. If you fit these qualities and are looking for a meaningful job, visit https://goadelante.org/315-2/employment/. Click on “View Adelante’s Job Openings” to see our open positions.

You can help make a big difference in the lives of people with disabilities and seniors.