A Community Resource for More than 40 Years!

Adelante is a diverse nonprofit organization that supports

people with mental and physical disabilities,

seniors, and disadvantaged populations

across New Mexico. We innovate to meet the needs of the community.

Jacob smiles for the camera outside of Whole Foods Market.

Adelante Client Graduates from EmployAbility Program

Adelante supported employment services, also known as EmployAbility, helps find competitive jobs for people with disabilities through local businesses. Adelante ...
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Desert Harvest Food Rescue 20th Anniversary

Desert Harvest Food Rescue Celebrates 20th Anniversary

October 2021 marks a truly amazing milestone for Adelante Desert Harvest Food Rescue. Now in its 20th year, the program ...
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Hello Adelante! A message from CEO Rebecca Sanford

Rebecca Sanford, Adelante's new President/CEO accepted the New Mexico Ethics in Business Award in June 2021 on behalf of Adelante ...
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Adelante is a Community Resource!

Adelante is a diverse nonprofit organization offering a variety of programs for people with disabilities, seniors, and people with disadvantages. 

At Adelante, we believe that everyone can be a resource to the community, including people with disabilities and seniors. We help people realize the untapped potential within themselves. As an organization, we also strive to be a community resource. On an annual basis, we have a positive impact on the lives of over 65,000 people.

Watch this video to learn about the many things we do!

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Innovation Grants to Honor Mike Kivitz

Innovation Grants to Honor Mike Kivitz

Mike Kivitz led Adelante for over 40 years. Equally important, he pushed the nonprofit to innovate its programs and services. He helped Adelante thrive. Mike saw the potential in staff at all levels of the organization. Furthermore, he saw the potential in Adelante's...