Noelle Armijo-Dolan singing a song in recycled-material couture

Noelle singing a song in recycled-material couture


The annual Arts and Animals fashion show on August 31, 2016 was a complete success. Adelante clients and staff modeled clothing and accessories created from recycled materials, strutting down the runway before an enthusiastic audience.

The clothing and accessories were crafted from a variety of materials, including newspapers, plastic, scraps of fabric and leather, aluminum cans, and even some repurposed computer parts from our Back in Use program. In addition to the fashion, there were singing performances and group dance routines.

The fashion show is just part of the ongoing excitement at Arts and Animals. Several upgrades have been completed, and more are in progress, as we continue to find ways to make the program even more engaging, supportive, and exciting for our clients.

Adelante’s Mission Engagement Committee helped by painting, adding shelving and organizational supplies to the pottery and sculpture studio, and installing clothing racks and hooks for the many costumes and masks used by the Arts & Animals performance crew. The committee has also begun to revamp the focused art and drawing room, adding a feature wall to inspire and highlight artists with disabilities and add some much-needed storage for works in progress.

Feature Wall Photo

Feature wall being installed in the focused art and drawing room


The participants and staff members at Arts & Animals are very thankful for the improvements and so is Adelante. The work was largely made possible through donated supplies and financial contributions. We are still looking for table-top easels, a taller small table for still life setups, and other upgrades. The performance art participants also need eye shadow, face paint, colored hair spray, costume dresses, hats, costume jewelry, hand bags, and large button-up shirts. If you’d like to support these efforts or come volunteer, visit our website at

To learn more about upcoming activities and performances, contact Maggie Archuleta at (505) 837-9474 or

Fashion Show Photo

Dee Dee performs on the runway


Fashion Show Photo

Noelle, Dee Dee, and Nathan performing at the fashion show while Yumi announces


Fashion Show Photo

Lesly and Rebecca walking the runway together