Seniors need meals more than ever. In fact, hunger has increased in New Mexico. But the challenges of COVID mean restaurants and other services where they can get meals, must stop indoor dining and do mostly carryout and delivery services. Adelante’s Senior Meal Services in Doña Ana County is no different. The number of home-delivered meals Adelante Senior Meals program has provided in Dona Ana County increased dramatically this year.  

How big of an increase? Try 300%!

That’s right! The number of people getting home delivered meals this year in Doña Ana County is up over 300% from last year. From January to September of 2019, 194 people were getting home delivered meals and in the same time in 2020 that jumped to 785 people. Many had been visiting our congregate meals sites (the local senior centers), but they are now getting meals at home.

In the first nine months of 2019, the Adelante Senior Meals produced over 69,643 meals and 31,730 meals were home delivered. For the equivalent time frame in 2020, thanks to COVID-19, Adelante produced 87,445 with 78,020 home delivered meals to seniors throughout Doña Ana County. The current average is 630 meals a day. Without us, people might otherwise go without a meal for the day. We therefore take the responsibility of serving seniors healthy and affordable meals very seriously.

Two women package boxes of senior meals to-go. There are boxes stacked on their workspace. The women are wearing masks.
Our employees are hard at work making sure seniors get good meals!

Serving Seniors Meals and Protecting Our Community from COVID

Furthermore, we have one goal: Serve people delicious and nutritious meals while protecting them and our staff from COVID as well as we can. Because of the people we serve (seniors, people with disabilities, and people with disadvantages) we take COVID very seriously. We are staying on top of all State health orders for COVID-safe practices. We social distance (employees work 6 feet apart), take temperature, wear masks, and wash our hands often! Adelante also is NM Safe Certified.

Our wonderful employees have not let COVID get in the way of serving meals to seniors!

We also have to thank our fantastic staff for all they’re doing right now. They have been real troopers adapting to these changes. They eagerly box all of the meals to go, whether we deliver them or seniors come pick them up at the senior centers. We appreciate their efforts as they continue the necessary service of feeding seniors in Dona Ana County.

Here’s How You Can Get Senior Meals:

If you’re a senior or person with a disability, live in Doña Ana County, and would like to take part in the Senior Meals program, reach out to our team in that community. To dine for free, you must be 60 or older and eligible. Call (575) 527-9845 to begin the process and to find out if you are eligible for home delivery. If you are eligible, your spouse may also get meals, even if they are under 60. People with disabilities of any age who live with eligible people, and volunteers under the age of 60 are eligible. Finally, meals are always available for a fair price.

Other senior resources through Adelante:

This senior meals service is available only in Doña Ana County, but Adelante does help seniors in the state in other ways, too. Learn more about Senior Assisted Living or our Benefits Connection Center. If you need free food in the Albuquerque area, we also refer people to Storehouse New Mexico. They do not deliver meals, but do offer full carts of groceries for people in need.