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Thank You, David Poms, for Supporting Adelante and the Community!

David Poms of Poms and Associates Insurance Brokers, Inc. has been a generous donor for several years, playing a meaningful role in the success of Adelante’s mission to support people with disabilities, seniors, and disadvantaged populations by providing crucial operations items including phone systems and Hoyer lifts.

The most recent donation by Poms, a generous gift of $32,000, will help expand Adelante’s Back in Use program, a valuable resource providing durable medical equipment at little or no cost to people with disabilities, and to seniors.

The program provides individuals a place to donate durable medical equipment they no longer need, such as wheelchairs, walkers, rollators, crutches, shower chairs, hospital beds, power chairs, and more. Adelante’s Back in Use program recycles those assistive devices, so instead of taking up storage space or ending up in a landfill, they are given to people in need. Back in Use collects, sanitizes, and checks the equipment for distribution.

“The Back in Use program is a well-thought-out and common-sense way to recycle assistive technology by taking in donations and providing these items to people who need them,” says David Poms. “We are proud to support such a great program.”

The donation will help provide more staff hours and a better facility for operations, which will benefit hundreds of our fellow New Mexicans.

If you need assistance acquiring durable medical equipment, please call our Back in Use program at (505) 341-7171. If you have items do donate, please call, or drop the items off at our main office located at 3900 Osuna Road NE in Albuquerque.