PNMPNM Resources Foundation is a valued community partner of Adelante programs that has provided Reduce Your Use grants for several years, funding projects that improve energy efficiency.

Through Reduce Your Use grants, we have been able to purchase energy-efficient items like LED lights and Energy Star appliances over the years, which ultimately has helped lower our utility bills while making us good environmental stewards by using less energy.

With this year’s grant, we purchased LED bulbs for parking-lot lights at three of our facilities. The bulbs will be installed this month.
Our Back in Use program also received 11 new wheelchairs from PNM this past week.

Meter readers and other employees from across the state participated in a team-building exercise to raise disability awareness. Afterward, the wheelchairs used in the activity were donated to Back in Use.

We appreciate everything PNM does for the community, and for Adelante.