If you’re a self-advocate, family member, or someone who cares about keeping a full range of employment options for people with disabilities, it’s important to voice your choice. The federal government, specifically the Office of Disability Employment has asked for public feedback on jobs and offered several ways to make it easy to provide input.

Several ways to VOICE YOUR CHOICE.
1. Send an Email: ePolicyWOrks@dol.gov 
Tell your story by sending an email with your story and your contact information.

2. Call the Office of Disability Employment Policy at (202)693-7880
The phone line isn’t really prepared to take detailed testimony, but it’s an option to simply say you want a full range of jobs or to state your opinion about 14c work opportunities.

3. Log on to the feedback website: https://14cdialogue.ideascale.com/ 
You have to register your information and get an email back before you can enter your comment. If you want to use this option, do so soon!.

Families and individuals that would be affected most by changes to disability employment, including ending 14c, need to have a voice. The government has given everyone a chance to have a say. Please take time to tell your story. The deadline is this Friday, June 21, 2019.