Whitney is standing by a chicken rotisserie. She is wearing a mask and protective gloves. She's holding her hands up in the air. She's smiling as can be seen by her eyes.

What makes a successful employee? We look at Whitney as a great example. Her customer service, talent, and work ethic make us proud.

We all know those people who have a real knack for customer service. We see them when we are out running errands, at the mechanic, or getting groceries. All in all, they know how to take care of us and make us feel welcome. Whitney is just that kind of person. Since 2010, she has worked in the service deli at Albertsons Market. She greets customers, gives quick and friendly service, and knows the ins-and-outs of the kitchen. Moreover, she loves every minute of it.

To point out, she is a successful employee due to her work ethic. Her disability might not occur to anyone, and it shouldn’t need to. Her job is in sum a place for her hard work, dedication, and natural talents to shine.

Whitney poses with her manager at the camera. She and he look like they're enjoying themselves at work.

What does Whitney’s manager say about her as a successful employee?

It’s clear Whitney’s team values her. “She’s always here making people happy- that’s Whitney!” said one of her managers.

Of course, if Whitney needs help, Adelante’s job coaches are there to support her. Recently, she hasn’t needed much support. She is independent and has become very capable. Her story is by and large a great example of how people with disabilities bring strengths to the table. People with disabilities might easily be overlooked when looking for a job. More often than not, however, they bring unique talents and strengths to their places of employment. Through their talents, they make their happy customers’ days brighter.

According to Whitney, “employment for people with disabilities is important because it gives a chance to learn and grow.” Learning and growing is certainly something everyone needs!

Interested in hiring someone new with a disability? If so, you could be hiring your next successful employee! Just reach out to Adelante’s supported employment program, EmployAbility, by sending an email to ExplorePrograms@GoAdelante.org. People with disabilities can undeniably be very good employees. Furthermore, if they need extra training or coaching, Adelante can be there to work alongside them, as well.

Adelante gives a big “thank you” to Albertsons Market. We value them as being one of the many local businesses that work with us on employment. To be sure, we couldn’t do this work without local businesses who are willing to hire people with disabilities. Thank you for giving them a chance.

Congratulations on your success, Whitney! The team at Adelante is proud of you.